One of My Best Bits of Dating Advice

So after you watch that video you may be left thinking… “WTF? How do I act on this advice?” or you may even be like “F**k that I’m already a king P.I.M.P“, either way I wanted to take a few minutes to show you how to use this tip to transform your dating life with ease.

Here’s the easiest ways I made massive amounts of change to my life and became not the best, but a far better version of myself.


#1 – Start The Gym

I want to keep this quick and simple. You need to start going to the gym 3 + times per week and I highly recommend doing 10 minutes + of cardio every day of the week with one day off (maybe two).

Tip: Time your gym sessions and cardio, see if you can beat your records every time. I keep track in an xml spreadsheet.


#2 – Treat Your Body Like A Temple

Haha, even though this makes me sound like a biatch, you need to start guarding your body and what you’re putting inside of it, kinda like it’s a Ferrari, guard who and what you let inside.

I don’t mean turn vegan, become a monk and start your journey to enlightenment… All I’m saying is start drinking a few liters of water per day, eat 5 fruit and a few vegetables and cut out shitty fizzy drinks and instead stick to sparkling water with berries or freshly squeezed orange juice.

As they say do this and a little goes a long way. You’ll be feeling more confident, higher value and will have more energy both in and out the bedroom, I mean who doesn’t want rock hard erections or constant lady boners?


#3 – Knowledgeeeee…

You may have seen Tai Lopez, the guy with the lambo who love’s a little reading? Well even though his ad was everywhere the guy knows his stuff.

The more you learn, the more you earn, spiritually, in the bank, with women and in all aspects of your life.

You don’t have to become a librarian… Even though librarians are hot. But I do recommend reading an educational book once or twice a month.


#4 – Have a Back Bone

When you start looking after your health, body, mind and lifestyle people will give you shit and resist. I mean no-one wants to be left behind or have to start improving themselves to keep up… At least at the beginning.

It’s your duty to keep pushing through with your routine, to make yourself high value. Even if you finally meet a girl/boy or your friends all call you out.

And if the aforementioned does happen and you meet a high value partner, don’t stop improving yourself, even if they say “I don’t mind you getting fat” or “you look perfect, stop going to the gym” this is just resistance and is usually people testing how much control they have over you.

So in order for you to have a strong relationship you need to ignore and keep pushing on, show your commitment to growth and you’ll start seeing the people around get just as excited.


#5 – Have An Open Mind

This could be the best dating advice for someone looking to become high value. It’s all about…

…Challenging your beliefs and trying not to get offended by people with different views, no matter how crazy, weird or wonderful they are.

You see you should pride yourself on learning both sides, who you trust and listen too…

…The woman who studied religion and then studied atheism.

…Or the woman who has only ever educated herself about her one religion.

Keeping an open mind and learning both sides is a rare trait and one that will make you high value almost instantly.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and this breakdown. Have a killer day and remember to subscribe, Oli.

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