67 Ways To Get Over Someone (Quickly)

Did you know that by changing one simple thing in your diet, you can make the highs, higher and the lows completely nonexistent?
I’m Oli and I’m going to teach 67 of the most extremely easy ways to get over someone.
By the end of this article you’ll not only have everything you need to move on, but you’ll have the power to come out of the breakup stronger and more independent than ever before.

1. Try giving yourself a 30 day challenge. I challenge you to try one of these social, happiness, book reading
or blogging challenges. 30 day challenge + You = New habits, passion, and drive. This focuses your mind on something new.

2. Disconnect from social media. Quite frankly, social media can F-off for a few days. It never helps us out, it’s just an non creative, boring pass time.

3. Diet Controls Happiness. You can boost serotonin (happy chemical) and dopamine (Completion chemical) by simply eating healthy foods such as: Grapes, Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic, Popcorn (nothing added), Dark Chocolate and Bananas.

4. Sing at the top of your lungs. Nothing quite gets the hurt out like a Beyonce session at the top of your lungs.

5. Give Yoga a try. Yoga not only gives you a great body, but it helps relieve the stress and tension that’s stopping you from getting over your ex. Let go of the stigma attached to this pass time and see for yourself the benefits of it.
The best way to see the benefits of yoga is by completing this 30-day Yoga challenge .

6. Meditation. Meditation will stop you relating to bad emotions and help by completely clearing your mind, making you feel free and at peace. There’s tons of benefits to meditation that you should check out, along with this beginners guide that’s just two minutes long (Highly Recommended).

7. Start daily exercising. Try exercising for 20 minutes everyday. If you’re looking for somewhere to start: This workout is great for men and this workout is perfect for women.
This won’t only make you look incredible (One-upping your ex), it will also boost dopamine and serotonin, transforming you into a happier person.

8. Chuck it all out. Take everything they’ve ever brought you, box it up, if after 2 months you’re not back together, get rid of it. “In with the new, out with the old.”

9. Become a minimalist. The easiest way to clear your mind and gain a strong purpose is to actually try living like a minimalist. Seriously becoming a minimalist has literally changed people’s lives. Just look at theminimalists.com or watch this video and see if the lifesyle is attractive to you.

10. Get a plant. Certain plants clear the air of impurities, while also increasing your happiness (List of these plants). Treat yourself to one and place it in a room you spend the most time in. I recommend a spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum).

11. 8 hours of sleep. When I’m sad, one of the only things that successfully breaks the cycle, is a good nights sleep. Here’s some help for you light sleepers who have trouble sleeping.

12. Go outside for 30 minutes everyday. Fight the urge to lock yourself away and hide. Instead go out for 30 minutes everyday. Trust me, you will feel better. Fresh air does actually make you feel better, your grandma was right.

13. Stop listening/watching sad media. Sad media will keep you in a place of sadness. Cut all sad media out of your life for a few months and see how drastically your mood changes for the better.

14. Watch this video: Owen has got me through some tough times and taught me so many amazing things. This video really helped change the perspective I had on breakups, giving me a totally different outlook.

15. Delete them from social media. The quickest way to get knocked back to square one is by seeing your ex with someone else before you’ve finished healing. To stop this from happening you’ll need to remove them completely from social media. You don’t need them on there anymore, rub them from your life.

16.Open your social circle. In a relationship you usually have the same circle of friends. Because getting brand new friends is going to be difficult, let your friends know you don’t want to be around him/her, they will be there for you and if you have miss out on a few nights, so what?
17. Go to a meet up. A great way to meet like minded people is by going to meetup.com and joining a meetup in your area. You can meet people who enjoy coffee, music, languages and so much more, all by using this amazing website.

18. Do something nice for someone. Try giving back, it’s one of the most uplifting feelings I’ve ever experienced. It will take your mind off the surrounding problems and fill you with happiness.

19. Don’t glamorise the past. People have a habit of making past memories appear more incredible than they actually were, which stops them from moving on and creating unrealistic standards for future partners. This gif explains more than my words ever will:

20. Take it one day at a time. Your number one goal right now is not to relapse and get in contact with your ex. So say “NO” to, drunk texts, pleads to try again, romanticised memories and the phony apologies that they may send you in the upcoming weeks.

21. Avoid using drink and drugs to heighten your state. Drink and drugs are mood enhancers, they enhance your current mood. Making the sad, sadder and the lonely, lonelier. Don’t fall into the downwards spiral of using these substances to numb yourself.

22. Try not to rebound. Rebounds are usually one big heap of disappointment (mixed with a little regret). This article sums it up perfectly “Thoughts A Girl Has When Getting Under Someone To Get Over Someone.”

23. Start reading. Reading helps shut the world out, while immersing your complete focus and allowing you to create using just your imagination.

24. Remember the only person you answer to is yourself. Don’t take orders from those who don’t suffer the consequences. Instead go with the flow and use your gut feeling to guide you.

25. Get a sex toy. Whether you’re male or female you need to get a sex toy. It’s seriously a life or death decision… Well maybe not that serious, but still GET A SEX TOY!! Here’s on of my favorite male sex toy and my favorite female sex toy, both will make sexual tension vanish in an instant. Woohoo! You will also realize how much better you are at doing it than he/she is.

26. Go on a walk. When in doubt you should either go on a long ass walk or have a long, intense shower. Both filled with tons of pondering, decision making and debating your life’s past/future actions.

27. When uncertain, have a wisdom wank. Do you really want to hook up with that person? Before you can truly know, you need to have a wisdom wank! Then collect all your thoughts on the situation after all sexual frustration is gone.

28. Burn Your Boats. In order to get over them, you’ll need to lose all hope of you getting back together. Forget about the ‘what if’s’ and in the wise words of Tay swift ‘We are never, ever getting back together’.

29. You attract what you are. If you’re on a spiraling downwards slope towards self destruction, you will attract the same kind of people in to your life. If you believe in law of attraction, now would be the perfect time to try visualization. Here’s a beginners guide:

30. A clean home is a happy home If you’ve got a clean place to work, sleep and entertain. You’ll instantly become more happy and less agitated.

31. For one whole day completely disconnect from the internet. Don’t look at your phone, pc, even try avoiding TV. This may hurt, but it’ll get you thinking about your problems, instead of running from them.

32. When you feel things get on top of you, take a deep breath. There’s breathing exercises that help with pressure, sleep, stress and anxiety. Here’s one of the breathing exercises I use when feeling stressed:

33. Get a hobby. If you haven’t got a hobby that takes your mind off everything in life, it’s time to try and find one.
Try spend a few hours looking at hobbies. It could be fitness, art, adrenaline filled activities, taking pictures, etc. Once found, start doing it at least two times per week (Highly Recommended).

34. Have a lad/ladies night in/out. You need to get yourself back in the social loop. A great way to do so, is through a night in or out with your close friends. For guys this may-be, sitting in playing video games. For girls this may-be having a night in PJS, with your friends, just talking and having fun.

35. Drink more water. You can’t be awesome without drinking tons of water, that’s just a fact. So do your best to get at least 2 litres of water per day. The benefits are endlesssss!

36. Create a plan of action. Decide what you’re doing with your life and when you’re doing it. You’re an independent, strong person. You need a kickass plan.

37. Get rid of every ounce of anger. The next thing I’m about to show you may disturb some viewers. Don’t judge it on the first second. Watch it all, seriously it has the power to change the way you let out emotions.

38. Talk to a stranger everyday. This simple exercise grows confidence, kills anxiety and creates happiness. And who knows who you might meet?

39. Mood boosting food. You don’t have to restrict yourself to serotonin and dopamine boosting foods. There’s also a massive variety of foods that boost your mood almost instantly (list of foods).

40. Ignore people’s advice. People who get affected by a situation will always give advice that benefits them. While people who don’t get affected, will talk for the sake of talking. Moral of the story: You can’t trust people’s advice unless it deeply relates to you and your situation.

41. Change your style. You’re in a breakup, now’s the perfect time to make a new fashion statement,with a few pairs of “I don’t give a f**k sunglasses” and some “I’m a new person Vans/Converses”, you will feel like a new person and a little retail therapy never hurt anyone.

42. Listen to calming music. Make calm music your background noise of choice. It’ll unwind you unlike anything else (calm music example).

43. Don’t beat yourself up. Shit happens, there’s not much we can do about it. So don’t get caught up in the endless war of self hate, because, trust me you will never win it.

44. Open A Blog. Occupy your mind by opening your very own blog. This can completely take your mind off what’s going on and even earn you a little cash at the same time (guide to making a blog).

45. If you can’t sleep try deep stretches. It’s natural to have trouble sleeping during a breakup. Deep stretching takes just 3 minutes and is one of the best ways I know to get yourself into a deep, energising sleep without medication.

46. Plan something to look forward too. One of the things that’s so unsettling about a breakup, is all plans get thrown out the window. By creating a plan, something you want to do in the future. You regain control, put your mind at ease and have something to look forward too.

47. Look around you. There’s loads of people who’ve survived a breakup and went on to achieve outstanding things.

48. You won’t find closure in tarot/angel cards. I don’t/will not judge anyone for their beliefs. But so many people get prayed on while vulnerable. Don’t let somebody mess with your emotions just because it’s something you want to hear.

49. Write something. Whenever I’m sad, I write down the emotions I’m feeling in the form of a little poem, song or short story. I find it helps me confront the problem without being overwhelmed.

50. Paint something. When you don’t have the exact words to describe your feelings, try painting. “A Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.” – Maurice de Vlaminck.

51. Sleeping naked f**king rules. If you’re not doing it, now’s the perfect time to start (benefits of sleeping naked). You can starfish and be nude and the same time without feeling one ounce of guilt.

52. Rubber Band Training. Place an elastic band around your wrist, every time you think about them, pull it back and ping yourself. This will then gradually train your mind not to have thoughts about them.

53. Write down a list of all the good things you gain from the break up. You’re free!!

54. Read qoutes. There’s thousands of amazing quotes, created by people who’ve experienced the same feelings you’re going through right now (Best website for finding quotes).

55. Talk to your parents. Whether their advice is valid or outdated, it usually comes from a good place you can trust.

56. Get inspiration from a Ted talk. It doesn’t hurt to get inspired while moving on. Check out this list of amazing ted talks.

57. Learn by your mistakes. “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” By failing you learn how to avoid failure in the future.

58. Masturbate your way to happiness. #NoShame

59. Get a good old punch bag. If screaming isn’t enough, punching the hell out of a something (not a person or animal) should be.

60. Sleep around? (Bad advice) Everyone copes in different ways. Maybe it would help you to catch up on some of the sex you’ve not been having… or maybe not!

61. Go on a weekend away with friends. Once you start getting back on your feet, try going away for the weekend. It’s a great way to clear your mind, reset yourself and have fun.

62. Avoid gossiping. Don’t talk about your ex, it creates unnecessary problems that end up working against you in the long run. Because remember they’re out of your life now, why bring them up?

63. Join the EssexLad sexy newsletter. Learn weekly sex tips that will help you get laid in the future. #ShamelessSelfPromo

64. Create a new routine. Just create your perfect day, from the work you do, to the things you read, watch and listen too, even add outside time and the food you want to eat.

65. You will love again. You might think you never will and you will never trust anyone again but, you will. And they will be incredible.

66. Forgive them. I have no idea what kind of ass they’ve been to you, but in order for you to completely move on you’ve got to forgive them in your own mind. Be the bigger person.
Plus there is these two quotes that are quite convincing: “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them more.” and “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

67. Screw being lonely, get a cat. It’s never too late/early to become a crazy cat person. Plus you learn how to get loads of attention without being needy (the life of a cat).
You did it! All the 67 ways to get over someone read!
Picture of the 67 Ways To Get Over Someone
More lessons in life are learnt through mistakes. Don’t worry about being perfect, just focus on learning from everything you experience.
Have a wonderful day. Cheers! Oli xxx

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