A Little More About Me (Oli) The Curly Haired Sex Blogger

Hey, I’m Oli and I’m the creator, owner and writer for essexlad.com. I recently read my “About me” and what can I say, It made me seem like a tit, especially the bit about being a ladies man, I mean wtf…

So, I’ve decided to re-write it and make it more of an detailed article about me and who I actually am. I’m going to go over as much information as possible whilst trying to keep it interesting. I’m going to talk about my road to self improvement, my old school anxiety, what I believe in and why I’m a sex blogger who openly talks about sex online with no anonymity. Let’s get this started!!!! Wooooo.

about me

Why Did I Start Writing About Sex

Have you ever found a hobby or passion that you actually get excited learning about? I’m talking tingles, finding it hard to sleep, spending hours looking for the next thing to learn, and just soaking everything up like a sponge?

Well that passion for me was sex, ever since I started reading sex tips at 14 I’ve been hooked and just couldn’t stop learning about everything to do with love, sex, dating and relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sex guru and I never claim to be. I’m just a normal guy who does his best to read, watch, listen and try as many sexual, dating and relationship related things as possible.

I could quite happily write 5,000 words on why I started, so I’ll cut it here and if there’s anything you’d like to know just comment :).

about me

I’m Still Learning Every Single Day

Everyday I try to listen, watch or read at least 2 hours of content that’s sex, dating and relationship related. I love learning brand new things and turning them in to articles and putting them in to practice, there’s still millions of things out there for me to experience and that’s why I love blogging so much.

I’ll either have sex with emily podcast on. Be listening to an audiobook, anything on sex, dating and relationships. I also have a lot of YouTubers that I play in the background, from RSD to Elliott Hulse, plus all the sex blogs I read and sometimes I just listen/watch presentations done from fellow sex, dating and relationship personalities.

about me

I’ve Got An Addiction For Self Improvement

What challenges could I do to my body next? Right now I’m only having cold showers, getting up at 11:30pm, training five days per week, meditating everyday and doing a few extreme activities every month.

I love seeing what i’m capable of whether it’s going on a fruit detox for 5 days or screaming like a toddler to get rid of my anger, I find it all so fascinating to learn about.

about me

I Live In Spain And England

Right now I’m actually in Spain chilling in the sun while writing this article, please don’t hate me…

To stop you from hating me I’ll let you in on a secret: I’ve lived in Spain for 10 years before now excluding my time in England and I still don’t speak Spanish. I actually lie to people to avoid being questioned, as I like to think I know just enough words to stun people into thinking I’m fluent 😉

about me

I Meditate Every Day (Hippy?)

I actually started meditation as a way to lower a social anxiety I had and it turned out to lead me down the tantric sex route that actually enhanced my sexual pleasure and made it easier for me to last longer in bed.

Great feeling when you find out your bodies got all these cool hidden abilities like multiple orgasms, miniature orgasms and even more intense orgasms that come out like super, ninja powered kicks.

about me

Fitness And Diet

I actually used to train everyday, but then on a year traveling around England I basically let my body go to s**t, eating nothing but beans on toast, super noodles, porridge and pizza, with the occasional exception of cheerios when they were on a ‘special offer’. Over the last few months I’ve started lifting heavy, training 5 days per week and eating healthy everyday and already I’ve seen a massive difference. The picture above was taken a few weeks ago, here’s a picture of what I looked like when I started a few months back. Shocking right????

Weird Sleep Patterns

My sleep patterns as messed up as they come. I enjoy working through the night as it’s peaceful and there’s no interruptions, so that’s what I do.

I used to just stay up till 4:00 am working away, but then I realized I was doing it all wrong and started going to bed at 5/6:00 pm and getting up at 11:30 – 00:00 am. This meant I could work all through the night and still get to enjoy all the day time.

I’ve been doing this for that last two years and I do still enjoy a lay-in at the weekends, but I just find I have so much more energy when I get up at 11:30pm.

The Grind – The Hard Part Of My Life

I’ve been through the usual fun things life has to offer, had a really sucky job that made me depressed, left school at 13, lost friends and all that fun stuff. But honestly none of that matters. Life’s short, so I just try to have as much fun as I can with it.

I love people and if there’s ever anything I can do for you, whether you’re a sex blogger or just a normal person, please just ask. 🙂

What I’d Love In The Future

Speaking in front of audiences has always been my ultimate goal and right now I’m working hard on learning as much information as I can to build the best hour presentation on sex, dating and relationships there is. So, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

I always want to continue growing the Essexlad brand and one of my main goals is to meet more sex bloggers and get some more friends in the sex industry, so feel free to message me.

I’ve got some really amazing plans, but instead of talking about what I’m going to do It’s best for me to just show you in the upcoming months :).

About Me

I seriously respect, love and have time for all my readers, so feel free to drop me a message, ask a question or just talk to me. I hope you have an amazing day. Cheers, Oli.

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