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Have you got a sex, love, dating or relationship question? Send it to me and I’ll do a video response giving you advice on your question, they can be as weird and wonderful as you like. xx

What you need to do:
Have your question ready.
Go to the “Free advice page” or the contact form below.
Write your problem in as much detail as possible.
Have me answer you with a video response within a week or two.
Tip: Be as open and as free as possible. Pour out your problem to me and I will never publish names or reveal your identity.
Why you should do it:
It’s completely anonymous, I’ll give you a fake name/letter “Let’s call this person H”.
You get to talk about yourself and your problems without judgement which is always nice.
I’ll give you advice and share my own experiences if I relate to you.
You get to hear someones opinion whose non-biased to the situation.
It’s different and we all love being a little different ;).

This is the first question time I created and it will give you an idea of what to expect.

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