Best Couple Sex Toys Under $25

Buying a sex toy is a treat and not all of us have enough money to splurge $100 + on a sex toy, so I took sometime over the last day to create a list of the best sex toys for kinky couples under $25. I own a number of these toys and the ones I’ve never used are picked due to their amazing reviews and how popular they are.
Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator
picture of bullet vibrator
Me, along with plenty of other sex bloggers have mentioned this Tracy Cox bullet vibrator on tons of occasions. It’s a single speed vibrator, that’s waterproof and ideal for couples looking to add a more orgasmic element to their foreplay.
It’s a simple and reliable vibrator, with a one button start. You can use this to tease and build up your partner, to make her first orgasm quick, or even to add clitoral orgasms during penetrative sex.
For the cheap price tag you’ll be silly missing out on this bullet vibe.
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Durex Play Sweet Strawberry Lubricant 50ml
picture of amazing sexual lubrication
I always get shocked when I speak to a couple who hasn’t used lubrication during sex. Even if your partner is as wet as a slip and slide, placing this on your fingers helps keep her slippy in all the right places.
This also tastes amazing, making oral sex more enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver (More oral sex to go around, wooo). It’s also the perfect way to increase the pleasure of a hand job!
So, if you’ve not got any flavored lube, give this sweet strawberry lubricant from Durex a try.
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Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring
Picture of the best cock ring I’ve ever used
If you follow this blog you’ll know I did a review/breakdown of this fabulous vibrating cock ring. There’s not many sex toys that help you maintain a stronger, longer lasting erection, while adding to the intensity of your orgasm and increasing the chances of your partner reaching orgasm through penetrative sex.
All that and a very small price tag. Also the bullet vibrator can be detached, making foreplay more exciting.
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Sliquid Ride BodyWorx Rock Delay Spray 33ml
Last longer in bed delay spray
I’ve also done a review of this delay spray and gave it a great shoutout in “How to last longer in bed“. By using this delay spray you can enjoy the benefits of lasting longer in bed almost instantly. 1 – 3 sprays and a 5 – 15 minute wait and you’ll be ready to have sex without the worry of premature ejaculation.
Great couples sex essential and worth the small price tag just for the peace of mind it offers.
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Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator
One of my favorite couples sex toys
This is the cheapest sex toy on the list and in some ways does the most. You get four interchangeable heads, that all add different stimulation to mix things up and add something new every time you use it.
It’s easy to use and is a great starter vibrator for couples who’re interested in exploring the orgasmic power of massage vibrators without breaking the bank.
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Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm Mint 7g
Picture of best orgasm balm
If you’re looking to have a little extended fun with your partner this cheeky little gift is ideal. You place it on your partners clitoris and then proceed to stimulate her. She’ll feel more aroused and it’ll increase the chances of her reaching orgasm (Wooow).
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Mates Skyn Non Latex Condoms
My favorite real feel condoms
Lots of couples have unprotected sex, but there’s still a few who wrap it before they tap it and for them people you need to try Skyn condoms. They’re the best condoms I’ve ever used and they’re the closest thing to wearing nothing I’ve ever experienced.
So, if you’ve got to wear protection, might as well enjoy every minute of it.
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Lovehoney Multispeed Slimline G-Spot Vibrator
picture of the best couples g-spot sex toy
Looking to explore your g-spot? Why don’t you and your partner do it together? With this g-spot vibrator from LoveHoney you can explore the g-spot with ease.
It comes at an amazing price and is perfect for beginners who want to try g-spot stimulation. People have been raving about this g-spot vibrator for ages, so if you haven’t already it may be time to give into temptation and get yourself this g-spot vibrator. What do you say?
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Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Spray 59ml
Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Spray 59ml
Wouldn’t you like to surprise your partner with a deep throat blow job that doesn’t end with you gagging and almost vomiting on his penis? Try some of these deep throat spray, you apply it a few minutes before oral sex and it desensitizes the throat, numbing the gag reflex, making it a whole lot easier to deep-throated a penis.
You can also check out my article on giving the perfect blow job to really surprise him.
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Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg
Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg
For any women who’ve used a love egg you’ll know that they’re very fun and orgasmic. There’s also a lot of fun that can be had from handing the controls over to your partner and letting him play with it while you watch TV, have dinner, get sexual or even just give him a blow job.
There’s just something about that surprise stimulation and dealing that stimulation that makes using a toy like this extra intense.
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I hope you enjoyed this article, if you’ve got any good sex toys you want to add, use the comments below. Have an awesome day. Cheers, Oli.

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