12 Foreplay Tips to Make Any Woman Cum

Do you want to leave her body trembling with pleasure from the most intense orgasms that leave you and your bed sheets soaking wet and her in ore of your amazing sexual ability?
I can guarantee you answer “YES!”
And you’re in luck, because soon you’ll have every piece of advice needed to make her sexual dreams a reality, becoming the best she’s ever had!
From using sensual massages and sexual fantasies to mind blowing oral techniques that you can easily apply. This guide is everything you need to master the art of the female orgasm.
Step #1 – Orgasmic Kissing Lessons
Orgasmic Kissing Lessons
Wait a second! I came here to learn amazing foreplay… Not how to kiss???
Well a woman’s mouth is connected to all her major sexual organs. So if you understand how to kiss her passionately, you’re only a few steps away from orgasmic sex.
Plus kissing is an opening sexual act for both new and old relationships, meaning if you get it right, you can continue riding the wave of the sexual energy it creates till the end.
Also unlike clitoral, vaginal and even nipple stimulation, kissing can’t be taken care of by the use of a sex toy/sexual aid. So, sorry lads, we’ve got to learn the hard way.
First there’s loads of amazing kissing guides, but to save sending you on a link clicking spree, here’s my favorite and the one I feel most valuable.
Click here to visit this tutorial…
As Adina says you can even practice on your hand… So there’s no excuses not to up your kissing game.
Step #2 – Bring Her to Orgasm with Massage
Bring Her to Orgasm with Massage
Massage is one of the easiest ways to make a women reach a sexual utopia of orgasmic pleasure. In over words an extreme horniness.
The massage Starts with the back, shoulders, legs and then moves onto the breasts and finally ends on the pussy.
Now the transition between different body parts should be gradual and happen slowly. Your #1 goal here isn’t to bring her straight to orgasm, but instead keep her held in an orgasmic state for the entire massage. This will leave her relaxed, full of energy and in ore of your sexual abilities.
I find adding pressure, rushing, even just only focusing on your partner having an orgasm can scare it away and stop you from focusing on the BIGGER picture ‘Her pleasure’.
My secret?
Now before I show you my orgasmic massage techniques. The one key to amazing sexual massage is coconut oil, extra-virgin to be precise.
One, it’s completely body safe, in-fact it has amazing moisturising, cleansing and clarifying benefits that will make any women go crazy making you seem the complete package.
Two, it doubles as a sexual lubrication safe for vaginal and anal play, as you can see in this article.
Three, other massage oils can make people feel sticky and horrible (need a shower feeling), whereas coconut oil leaves you feeling wonderfully smooth and silky.
Click here to see the coconut oil I use…
Orgasmic Massage Technique
First you need to learn some basic sensual massage techniques.
Now breasts? Where do you start? Okay if you head over to this breast massage guide and Scroll to the header “Breast-Self-Massage: A Step-by-Step Guide” the 4 step picture has great examples of breast massage techniques, ideal for bringing your partner to orgasm.
Finally end with a pussy massage (commonly know as a Yoni massage). The end and easily the most powerful part of this orgasmic massage journey.
Master this and you’ll become a rare man, superior in the bedroom to all other.
Step #3 – Fingering Technique with Mind-Blowing Results
Fingering Technique with Mind-Blowing Results
Making a girl cum using your fingers? Easy! But imagine if you could make her squirt?
I’m about to teach you a powerful technique that gives you the power to make any women have a squirting orgasm using just your hand.
Simply look at this video (Seriously it’s a 9 minute video, you NEED to watch it)
Click here to watch tyler’s guide to squirting…
Then read this guide…
Click here to read thestallionstyle guide to squirting…
Practice those two guides and within weeks you will be coming back to this article going “Holy fuck!! She squirted! OMG this changed everything!” Maybe with added “wooo’s”.
Step #4 – Lazy Lads Guide to Making Her Cum
12 Foreplay Tips to Make Any Woman Cum
Want to make her have multiple orgasms? Don’t have time to learn how? Fear not, I’ve got your back!
The One Sex Toy You Need
My #1 sex toy secret has to be this bullet vibrator.
Ideal for any man wanting to make his partner cum multiple times in quick succession without fear of being replaced.
See this bullet vibrator is cost effective, orgasmic and can be used by any man, in almost any place to turn a women into a sexual deviant, in ore of your sexual wizardry.
But, at the same time it won’t replace you, your hands, tongue or penis. If anything it’s just going to make your partner want them even more.
Click here to see the exact bullet vibrator I use…
You can also get it in Europe here.
Become the 1% of men secure enough to use a sex toy in the bedroom. Trust me, you won’t look back.
Step #5 – Oral Sex That Leaves Her Shaking
Foreplay Tips
Oral sex isn’t just a great way to make her cum, it’s also the perfect way to warm her up and get her craving your penis.
It’s unselfish and when done right causes almost unmatchable pleasure.
Let me show you how to make a girls body shake from pleasure using oral sex.
#1. – Make her feel comfortable: Using the massage and kissing techniques talked about previously, while also paying her sexual complements. This is warming her up and allowing her to feel comfortable in her body.
#2. – Take all the time in the f**king world: Tease her by separating her pussy lips using your tongue. Remember go slow and avoid the clitoris like it’s King Koopa in Mario.
After running your tongue up and down her lips, start making light circles round the clitoris (DON’T touch it yet).
Also lip on lip (kissing) action isn’t a bad idea while warming up.
How do you know if she’s ready? She’ll either be pulling your hair, begging you to start, moaning uncontrollably or all of the aforementioned.
#3. – Clit: She’s warmed up, her breathing is deep and constant, it’s now time to stimulate her clit. With the tip of your tongue, gently run it over the clitoris in an up and down motion ↑↓ remembering that rhythm and light pressure is key to her climax.
#4. – Key to oral sex:
Rhythm: Find a rhythm she responds to and do not change it during that oral sex session.
Pressure: Start by imagining your tongue as a feather, then as time goes by and she becomes more sexually aroused, start lightly applying small amounts of pressure.
Speed: Start extremely slow, make them most out of teasing her, then read her body language and start applying speed once clitoral stimulation has started.
Remember: When a women is near orgasm NEVER change rythm, pressure, speed or technique. A female orgasm is like a sneeze, sometimes it’ll go and never come back.
PS: An amazing oral lubrication is coconut oil, not only can it massage it can also be used as an oral, vaginal and even anal lube.
Step #6 – Words can get you Laid
12 Foreplay Tips to Make Any Woman Cum
Words, when used properly can be leathley sexual weapons that send orgasmic shivers all across her body.
Not only are they powerful, they’re also unused by the masses, making a man who knows how to talk dirty a rare treasure.
Now dirty talking doesn’t always want to be about your future plans “When we’re home I’m going to tie you up and f**k you till you cum” as hot as it may sound, it’s over used and very rarely lives up.
Instead stay present and create sexual tension in the moment. This could be by expressing your real feelings “F**k your body looks amazing”, “I can’t stop staring at your ass” or “you taste so good”.
The more comfortable you become with vocalizing your sexual intentions and urges the more effective and present they’ll be:
“You’re so wet”
“I’m so hard”
“You make me so hard”
“I just want to be inside you”
You can then start expressing sexual experiences you’ve shared together, like the time she sucked your dick and made you cum like no other.
Just keep it true, while expressing how you felt, why you’re still thinking about it and how hard it’s making you.
Remember it’s not all about the words, it’s more about where they come from.
Step #7 – One Secret Mind Trick
The Importance Of Foreplay
Are you a mind-fuck? With this simple mind trick you gain the superhero like ability to make a girl wet and horny with just your words.
What’s the secret?
Finding, then using her sexual fantasies.
If you find her one true sexual fantasy you will be able to get her wet at the drop of a pin by just bringing it up.
Not only is this a great tool to get her sexually aroused, it’s also an amazing way to make her cum.
You see, most women have 3 – 5 scenarios they play in their head during sexual stimulation that make them cum and usually they’ll all revolve around her biggest sexual fantasy… So find the fantasy and practically unlock her sexual arousal.
Switching the tables: Imagine if your partner knew your fantasy was to have two girls suck your dick at the same time. Then next time she gave you a blowjob she simply said “Close your eyes, lay back and imagine there’s another girl here with me sucking your dick” Hot? Fuck YES!
What to do once you found her sexual fantasy:
Talk to her: If her fantasy was to have a threesome, while having sex put that imagine in her head… Say something like “imagine if there was another man here right now” or ask questions about what person she’d like to bring into the relationship.
Simulate it: Fantasies almost always stay just that, but you as a sexual geek, genius or master mind have the power to bring her imagination to life.
Using sex toys, imagination, role play and some costumes, you can make nearly every fantasy a simulated reality without any risks on your relationship.
This has the power to unlock orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm.
How to find out her sexual fantasy:
You can start by doing a mojoupgrade (FREE) test to see what fantasies you’ve got in common. Then communicate, tell her your naughty fantasies, the more open you are, the more she’ll tell you.
Ask questions about the porn she watches and even read out a list of sexual fantasies to see what ones catch her eye.
Remember don’t judge or get jealous, just remember whatever her fantasy is, once you know it, you’ve got the power to use it for the greater good of your sex life.
Step #8 – Use Lube to get Inside
Oral Sex
What’s the best lube in the world? You got it… It’s natural coconut oil (America – Europe).
Why will it get you inside her pussy?
Even when a girl is sexual aroused, wet and craving you. She can still become dry during penetration and even clitoral stimulation. Especially over prolonged amounts of time.
So, if you apply some coconut oil to your penis/fingers before entering her you can ensure the sex can continue without creating friction.
Also if you’ve ever stimulated a girls clit before you’ll know that the glands used to create sexual lubrication on the female vagina aren’t next to the clitoris ,so sometimes you’ve got to swipe your finger down to push the lube up.
This can be potentially threatening to her orgasm, so apply a little lube to your finger and her clitoris and she’ll remain lubricated for longer, allow you to focus on what really matters.
Click here to see my all time favorite natural lube that isn’t coconut oil…
Step #9 – Your Best Tool is Control
You can get most women to the point they’re begging you to f**k them by simply teasing their erogenous zones.
Strangely this is the opposite to what most men do and can be the reason for their lack of orgasmic power with their wife/girlfriend.
Teasing her to the point she’s begging you…
1). Use the foreplay tips to make her wet.
2). Explain that you’re going to tease her.
3). Lightly run your hands over her body awakening her nerves on her sexual zones. Do this with your finger tips and remember to avoid her pussy, boobs, butt and any areas that are highly sensitive.
4). Kiss her neck, lips and under boob (remember to avoid the nipple).
5). Use your finger tips and tongue to circle her nipple (DON’T TOUCH IT).
6). Move your focus to the upper thighs and start kissing/using your fingertips to stimulate the area (Go slow to avoid over stimulation).
7). Now you can start involving the pussy. Separate the lips using your fingers and start tracing the outline of the pussy. Go slow with occasional circles around the outside of the clitoris (remember to not directly touch it).
8). Continue the gradual build up and add the sensation of you almost going inside her with your finger.
You can add intensity by including the nipples, using your tongue to trace the outline of her pussy and with the occasional gentle (↑↓) stroke to her clitoral hood.
Do this for 10 – 15 minutes (start to finish) and her begging will start.
I recommend advanced users add restraints and a blindfold.
Click here to see my favorite restraints…
Step #10 – The Perfect Atmosphere
How To Foreplay
Condoms, lube, lighting, background noise and even a dodgy internet speed can completely kill her orgasm. So, create a fail proof atmosphere to f**k your partner in.
1). Get good quality condoms that allow you to feel every part of her. Then place them in an easy to access area.
Click here to get the condoms I use…
They feel f**king incredible “Like you’re wearing nothing at all”.
2). It’s not rocket science but, women love candles and they happen to be incredibly sexy, so be sure to light a few.
3). Set up a playlist on your computer or phone. background noise makes it easier for her to let go, letting out those orgasmic moans.
4). Put everything you’re going to use during sex in easy to reach areas that won’t disrupt you f**king.
These are the basic foreplay tips for the perfect sexual environment. Add or remove, just remember the importance of creating a mood she feels comfortable enough to let go in.
Step #11 – Getting Her Wet and Horny Using just Your Erection
To make a women cum over and over you need to be in the moment. If she knows your mind’s elsewhere (Watching TV out the corner of your eye) she just won’t feel “in the mood”, usually getting to the point of orgasm, but not having quite enough mind power to push herself over that bliss filled line.
How do you get in the moment? Have a patient erection? “A what?!?!”
Simply get hard and enjoy stimulating her body without making it all about putting your penis inside her.
Basically get yourself off, while you get her off.
This drives women crazy and will end in orgasm after orgasm.
Step #12 – Let a Sex Game do The Work for You
How To Foreplay
If you want her to drop her knickers without you having to do anything, this sex game is what you need.
It not only opens you up to over 100 new sexual experiences, but it practically takes care of all the foreplay for you, and any man can use this game and go from 0 to gold f**king star in the bedroom overnight.
Why is this game my favorite?
Well if you’ve read Sex at Dawn and Sperm Wars, you’ll know women are a little more promiscuous than you may have imagined.
Something like rough, dominating sex with light restraints, blindfolds and spanking is (commonly) right up their alley and in my experience there’s no easier way to implement that into the bedroom than with this sex game.
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Use this advice carefully and you’ll become “The best she’s ever had”

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