How I Got Better At Sex

I can happily admit that I used to suck at sex. Admitting this was my first step in to recovery, and for me that was a big step to admit. Being in-denial made it almost impossible for me to ever really progress sexually and as you can imagine turned me into a little b***h in the bedroom. Since I admitted my failures it’s been just under three years and my sexual abilities have completely changed. I’ve had ups and downs but, I’ve come a long way from how bad I truly was.
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Read S**t Tons Of Advice, Books And Blogs
The first thing I did was get a notepad and pen and brought a few sex books. I then spent a few months reading advice and making a little sex advice book “Olis Sex Tips” so I didn’t forget all the different tips and tricks I had learn and began to master.
I actually used to hate reading, due to the time it took, so I quickly switched books for audio and started listening to different audio books while working, at the gym, on a run, even on the train. This sped up the learning process and actually helped me soak up the information because I was listening to it subconsciously.

Quick shout out for two great websites/podcasts/YouTube channels:
Sex With Emily (podcast)
MyTinySecrets (Check out her new YouTube channel it’s amazing!)
What are some of the books I read/listened too?
She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. (Taught me so much about sex and making a girl orgasm)
Sex at Dawn (Extremely interesting for people interested in sex)
Tracey Cox Hot Sex (Learned a lot about myself and women from this book)
The Modern Kama Sutra (Had to be on this list as it’s a must have)
Guide to Getting It On! (This book is just a go to guide for everything sexual)
I’ve read tons more books, but the ones above stood out in my memory. This is a great starter kit for people who want to go from virgin to sex god within months.
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Get A Girlfriend Who Wants To Learn About Sex With You
One night stands just don’t cut it when trying to learn how to be amazing at sex. Of course they can be fun, but the real experience is gained from having a full-time girlfriend. Someone you can study, learn and practice on.
Why Having a Girlfriend is Important
Confidence: By having sex with the same girl you become comfortable and confident to try new things.
Rating game: You can ask your partner to rate the stimulation you give her out of ten, this is just a fun game to play and something you can only do with a comfortable partner. It’s the ultimate way to find out what she enjoys without directly asking her and is a great way to try out your new techniques.
Don’t have to keep starting from scratch: Putting all the information you learn straight into practice with one woman will make it easier build up and improve your game.
Irregular Sex Sucks: Having a solid girlfriend semi guarantees you sex once a week and just like anything practice makes perfect, so the more sex you have, the better you will eventually become.

Watch Real Lesbian Porn (Not In A Weird Way)
I know everyone always says “DON’T LEARN SEX ADVICE FROM PORN!!”. But, if you take a few hours a week to study real lesbian porn you learn so much about foreplay, it’s unbelievable.
When I say “real” I mean a couple that’s actually filming their sex, not a pornstar being filmed from every angle.
I learned this from speaking to a bisexual friend of mine. She said that having sex with men is fun, but when you have a good female lover the foreplay is so intense and unbeatable. So there’s no harm in seeing how it’s done and taking notes.
Also, this isn’t just a way for me to watch porn and claim it to be ‘research’ it really does help your foreplay techniques, I promise.
Diet and train your body
Get Your Diet And Fitness In The Right Direction
The best sex of my life has always been when I’ve had my diet and fitness aligned.
Now this doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym 6 days a week and never eat another sweet again.
It just means start looking after yourself, eat lots of salad, fruit and fish/turkey/chicken, go running a few times every week, try a 30 minute weight lifting routine.
Why This Helps Your Sex Life Out
If you do a few hours of cardio every week you will gain loads of stamina, making it easier to perform for longer amounts of time
Women like a lean guy
With a good diet your sex drive will rise
You look and feel better
More testosterone
Added confidence
There’s more than a few reasons why working out and having a good diet is important to a great sex life, so try to stay healthy for the next 30 days and see how it benefits you.

You Won’t Be Superior Having Sex Without Practice
Good is the enemy of great. So if you suck in bed right now you can use that to become better than anyone you know.
Guys who are naturally gifted have no reason to excel, where as men who suck, have to put the time into bettering themselves, then slowly but surely overtake the great.
Being great at having sex is something that will change your life and the relationships you’re in, so it’s worth putting the time into practicing everyday.
You might say “What if I don’t have a partner?” or “My partner doesn’t want sex everyday?” Well in that case spend time unlocking your own body, learn what stimulation you like and what parts of your body tingle. You will be surprised how much you can learn about pleasure from your own body, so give it a try.
Rhythm Is The Key To Orgasm
The best bit of advice I learned in the last three years was to maintain speed, pressure and rhythm once she’s near orgasm.
So many men get over excited when their partners about to orgasm and end up either speeding up or trying to change the rhythm right before. This makes her orgasm disappear much like a sneeze that doesn’t quite happen.
So, I spend the first few minutes, reading her body language, seeing what motion, technique and speeds she responds too, then I gradually build it up, making little adjustments so she remains at the peak of stimulation. Then as soon as she’s about to cum, I just maintain the current stimulation until the end.
My 8 Step Foreplay Technique
My 8 Step Foreplay Technique
I’m not going to sit here boring you on the importance of foreplay because I think that’s something we’re all a little bored of hearing.
Instead I’m going to show you a foolproof 8 step method to orgasmic foreplay. It’s just something I’ve been working on and so far it’s always been a winner.
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Control/Arouse Her Sexual Fantasies
I try never to judge someone for their sexual fantasies. Just because a girl fantasizes about a certain pleasure, scenario or event doesn’t mean she actually wants it to happen.
For example lots of women fantasize about rape, group sex, one night stands, prostitution, being dominated and cheating. And just because they fantasize about them things doesn’t mean they actually want them to happen/to try them for real.
So, have respect for your partner’s sexual fantasies and learn how to simulate, instead of suppress them.
Few Extra Tips On Being Better In Bed
Last Longer: As you may know I used to struggle lasting longer than 2 minutes during intercourse. I managed to change that around and here’s how I did it.
– Oral Sex Tips: A lot of women enjoy a man who can perform orgasmic oral sex, take a look at that guide and improve your skills today.
Sex Position Book: There’s no harm in exploring different sex positions with your partner, you’ll be surprised at how many hidden gems there are. – Kama Sutra (America – Europe)
My sex toy recommendations for every man are:
Vibrating cock ring (America – Europe)
Bullet vibator (America – Europe)
Lubrication (America – Europe)
Three simple things that change the way you have sex.
Picture of ending note
Ending Note – Don’t Let Your Brain Hold You Back.
Sex is like riding a bike, it takes practice but anyone can be good at it. Don’t let your brain hold you back and don’t keep procrastinating. Being the best she’s ever had will be so rewarding, it will give you a confidence boost and it will boost your relationship on to the next level.
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Just try all the advice on this list for 30 days without stopping I guarantee you will be amazed with how incredible you get in the bedroom. Just give it a try to see what you think for yourself.

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