How I Told My Partner About My Sexual Fantasies

Tell your partner about your naughty sexual wants can be hard. It’s also necessary in order for you to get fulfilled sexually. For example, if you’ve got sexual fantasy that could get you off in minutes, it would be a shame to let it go unspoken about.
I’ve found a way to tell my partner all my adult fantasies without any awkwardness or rejection. It’s not foolproof, but is the perfect way to find out what sexual dreams you and your partner have in common.
Text Saying “How I told my partner about my adult fantasies” is a free site that allows you and your partner to take a test (Privately) that has a list of almost every worthwhile sexual fantasy, you then pick what fantasies you’d like to try to then at the end it compares your results and only shows the matches.
This means you can find out exactly what sexual dreams you and your partner have in common without having to say one word to them.
How I Told My Partner About My Sexual Fantasies

What You Do After
As soon as I found out what sex fantasies me and my partner had in common I started acting on fulfilling them.
We made a little list of the ones we really wanted to try. Then spent a few months simulating/trying them out. This was amazing fun and helped us open up sexually.
There’s no point in doing this test if you’re not going to instantly act, you’ve got to strike when the iron’s hot.
Tip: You can buy your sex toys and essentials for your sex dreams at LoveHoney (Europe – America), that’s where I buy most of mine.
And always use YouTube and Google in order to research the fantasies you want to try so you maximise the chances of enjoying them.
Trust me, I’ve ruined many wonderful fantasies and scared myself to the point of no return due to rushing the process, so take your time and look for correct advice.
Extra Bonus: My 3 Useful Resources
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Picture of man saying “How I told my partner about my sexual fantasies”
I hope this quick article helped you out and if you need any advice then please just use the comments or send me a message. Have a wonderful day, Oli.

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