How To Avoid The Friend Zone

If you’ve been inside the friend zone then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. You’ve got a wonderful, sometimes gorgeous girl/boy who you want to go out with and being too nice, a gentleman, too much of a good friend, even too complicated, ends up ruining it.
I’ve been in this situation so I can seriously understand the annoyance, so I’ve built a guide on how to avoid the friend zone so you’ll never have to go through the horror again. Wooow!!! No more friend zone for you!
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Guys Put Themselves In The Friend Zone (My Story)
Have you ever heard the saying “You are your own jailer”? This couldn’t be more correct than when used while talking about the friend zone.
From the age 14 to 17 I found myself in the friend zone more times than I could count. It got to the point where I’d try to trick women into dating me (Sad as f**k I know), I would use sentences like “I’d never do that to you” and just think “One day you’ll see what you missed out on”. Looking back I can see how lame, needy and stupid this was, but back then it basically got me waiting on hand and foot of the emotions of 5 women that all put me in the friend zone (Good Times).
Now the good side of the story is around 4 out of 5 of the people who put me in the friend zone later tried to get out of the friend zone themselves, the downside is that once you follow these rules, you stop caring about things like this, so it doesn’t give you any satisfaction, part from the fact you’re not in the friend zone yourself.
Cut All Neediness!
There’s nothing ever attractive about a needy person. If there’s one bit of advice I could give you in life it would be to always hold your head high and be deserving of the opportunities, love, and chances you get (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be grateful) .
Someone who begs for love, affection and sex is unattractive.
Example for men: Have you ever asked your partner for sex and she’s instantly got turned off? (That’s due to neediness.) But then when you stop paying her attention and even ask her to stop when she makes the move, all of a sudden she’s giving it all she’s got to have sex with you and the more you don’t care the more she craves your attention.
That’s the perfect example of small neediness in play. So it’s simple, come from a place of abundance, don’t ever beg and never put all your eggs in one basket.
Text: Don’t hide your motives
Don’t Hide Your Motives
I was never brave enough to make the move with a girl, so I’d hide behind the “Friend” motive in order to get close to a girl.
In my experience this was the single quickest way to actually get yourself in the friend zone.
I now flirt with every girl I like and I never settle for friendship. Because if you have a lust for someone a friendship is never going to be satisfying, so it’s better to just move on and try someone else than get caught up in the friendship game with someone you have feelings for.
Control What Your Expose Her To
When you meet someone you decide what kind of person they think you are. Do they see you as a leader, an alpha male/female, a person of abundance? What could it be?
In order to succeed with people I’ve picked a few of my funnest stories in my life and geared them to show my leadership, alpha male side, naughtiness, humor and self amusement sides.
Similar to an actor/comedian who has pre-rehearsed stories to tell people while on a press tour or performing live on stage.
Tip: You don’t want to script everything you say, just have a few stories you can use at will in order to show what kind of person you are.
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Forget About Rejection
I used to be so scared of rejection that I’d barely live. It wasn’t till one day that I write a list of people who I really care about, then I imagined telling them about rejection and I realized that it wasn’t scary at all.
So, don’t let your fear of being rejected hold you back, it seriously doesn’t matter and with every no, you move that little closer to a yes.
Enjoy The Process (Like A Lion)
Lions enjoy the hunt just as much as they enjoy the kill.
So don’t try to rush the process of meeting a partner, understand that you can have a lot of fun and actually enjoy yourself before you have to settle down with a partner.
There’s plenty of people who don’t settle down till they’re 35 years old and they’ve lived a full life with loads of amazing stories. So, you don’t have to rush life, love and dating, just enjoy every part as much as possible and do what makes you generally happy with your time.
Text: Don’t invest any emotions
Don’t Invest Any Emotions
I used to invest so much emotion into every girl I’d try to ask out, this made my seem needy and come across weird.
It also made it extremely hard when girls I’d been courting for months would sleep with someone first night after meeting them in a club. This was the breaking point for me and was the time I realized to not relate with emotions as it got me nowhere.
What does it mean?
So, even when you decide to not put emotions into every person you try to date, you quickly find that it’s impossible unless you turn into a pessimist. So, instead of cutting emotions completely, all you’ve got to do is stop relating with them.
So you’re allowed to feel sad, but don’t create a big story as to why you feel sad, or sit listening to sad music playing the images in your head of why you’re sad at that moment. Because that’s when emotion really starts hurting and once you stop doing that you’ll notice that you feel a lot happier and find it easier to get on with life, even when times are tough.
Never be a whiny man or woman
Never Be A Whiny Man
If you have to trick her into dating you then you’ll spend 90% of your life in the friend zone. Don’t be someone who tries to make her boyfriend look bad, or makes out his better than the men who play women/men.
No man or women really wants to hear this, so it’s a waste of time and makes you come across as needy.
Not All Women/Men Are Going To Like You
Even by doing everything perfectly you’re still going to meet some people who just don’t find you attractive. You’ve got to understand that their opinion of you is there’s and it doesn’t count for everyone.
Don’t let one person’s judgment hurt your self-image. After all that’s all you’ve really got and if it’s damaged life only becomes harder.
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You Are Awesome (Own It)
Reading this article was the easy part of the process, actually acting on this advice is going to be the hard part. So, take each day as it comes, don’t invest so many emotions into people you’re not even dating and just have fun and enjoy the process.

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