How To Be A Great Boyfriend In Just 18 Tips

Being a great boyfriend is not something you can do in one great task, instead its load of little tasks put together to make a big, handsome, ball of sexy beast. This guide’s going to teach you how to be a great boyfriend, day in and day out. You can take this advice and improve your relationship (Called being awesome), or you can just look at it and save it for later… Either way, this article is definitely worth ten minutes of your time.

How To Get A Girlfriend You Actually Want

1). Think Before You Do

The real saying that stopped me doing a lot of dumb s**t was “If you have to ask someone if you should do something, you already know the answer and just want someone to tell you otherwise”.

For example:

Me – I’m going to tell her I love her. Do you think that’s a good idea?

Friend – Hell yea, women love a man who’s in love and needy… Do it.

Me (next day) – Ahhhhhhh, she saw it and didn’t even reply.

Whether it’s cheating, an argument, a dick pic, even telling her a story about one of your ex’s… Always think before you do. Just way the pro’s and con’s and see if it’s really worth it.

2). Don’t Always Leave It Up To Her

I’ve been there a few times so I feel like a d**k telling you otherwise, but it’s true, women hate having stuff left up to them.

The last few years I’ve been getting a little better at making plans and keeping them, but before that I was shockingly bad.

So far I’ve learnt that you should always give them options, be spontaneous and add variety as much as possible, plan stuff but always run it by her before you make it final and make sure she’s the first to know when making social arrangements with friends.

How To Be A Great Boyfriend

3). Remember Special Occasions (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s, Plans)

Once I turned 18 and left home I realised there’s way too many holidays, events, special occasions and just basically stuff to spend money on and forget then get in trouble for forgetting about.

I don’t even have that many friends, but yet I still feel that I’m buying at least 3 presents per month. Also everyone I know has birthdays from october to january, so them months are kind like the really expensive bit on the monopoly board.

In order for you to be a great boyfriend you’ve got to remember every occasion and remember that cards, candles, roses and dinner always work.

Tip: Use your phone to remember all the events she talks about, birthdays, anniversaries, families birthdays, etc. That way you can impress her with your memory and thoughtfulness.

4). Avoid 50 Shades Of Life Domination (Mwhahaha ~Evil Laugh)

Women like a man who cares, but there’s a fine line between “Where are you going out tonight? – (non needy guy)” and “Where are you going out tonight!?!?! – (needy guy)”, same sentence said in two different ways, from two different people.

In order to learn how to be a great boyfriend you’ve got to understand the golden rule: If she’s with you, it’s because she wants to be and the more you worry about her cheating, the more you bring it into existence.

I’ve seen people literally ruin an amazing relationship over miscommunication and jealousy.

So in order to be a good boyfriend, don’t try to own their life, if you want things to work you’re actually better off helping them fly high.

How To Be A Great Boyfriend

5). Listen To Her And Communicate

Women are the kings of underline communicating and men are the kings of accidentally blocking it out. As a man you’ve got to listen, act and care all at the time to your partners needs.

For example: If you’re a workaholic and enjoy working, you’ll often have a girlfriend who’s lonely, now when you see signs that she’s feeling a little down and alone, it’s your job to pick her up. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop working, it just means listen to her, do something new together, spend a weekend just the two of you, even invite her for lunch.

I always say “It’s not the time you spend together, but the quality of the time”, meaning if you should go grab coffee or go outside, rather than stay in and watch TV. 🙂

6). Treat Her Occasionally

Don’t fall into the trap of blowing all your wages on stupid gifts, trust me I’ve been there it doesn’t work.

But, understand that it doesn’t hurt to take her out and wine/dine her every once in a while.

I used to have little to no money, I’d live on porridge and beans/toast everyday, but I’d always save enough money to be able to afford at least one nice meal on the night I saw my partner, it wasn’t always expensive, but just something we both enjoyed. Sometimes pizza, other times fish and chips, even a homemade korma. This used to be both of our favorite day of the week, so it doesn’t matter what budget you have, as long as there’s thought and a little bit of spontaneity in the mix.

How To Be A Great Boyfriend

7). Learn To Be A Gentleman

Being a gentleman is something women respect in a man. Read this guide and up your gentlemanly game now.

8). Share Chores (In Life And At Home)

If you live together then you’ll have your own chores and if you don’t then something is seriously cray.

My jobs were washing up, taking out the bin and most of the cooking.

This is something only people who live together need, but trust me it saves tons of arguments and makes cleaning the house so much easier.

How To Be A Great Boyfriend

9). Be Spontaneous: “Honey We’re Going To Vegas”

You don’t have to go crazy, just occasionally do something completely out of the blue, this could be a weekend away or a day out doing something different.

10). Give Her Family The Time Of Day

I have an extreme amount of respect for anyones parents/grand parents, regardless if they like me.

I just find that if you get on with the parents it makes the relationship a much better ride. It’s not the key to a successful relationship, but it doesn’t hurt to try your best, especially if they’re nice people.

Self Improvement

11). Work On Self Improvement

My biggest hobby in life is self-improvement and I honestly think it’s the quickest way to get friends, partners and success.

The words “I don’t have enough time” are a lie, so don’t listen to them. The better you look, feel and are, the more your partner will fancy and respect you.

12). Please Her In Bed! (Ohhhhh, Mmmmmm, Hmmmmm, Wooooo)

Learn to please your partner in the bedroom is one of your best uses of time. You should always try to beat your best every time you have sex and eventually get to the point you match her orgasm for orgasm.

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