How To Become A Gentleman

Hummmmmm… How do you become a true gentleman? Simple, read this guide, put the advice into action, and bam, you’re now a gentleman. So let’s begin this legendary journey.
How To Become A Gentleman
1). Take Care Of Yourself
Before you can take care of someone else you need to be able to look after yourself. By incorporating fitness, diet and fun into your life style, you’ll become a new man.
A gentleman (man that looks after himself) gives off a vibe that says “I can look after myself, so I can defonitly look after you”, this is something that women have been programmed to recognize since the cave ages with cavewomen. It’s as simple as protection, security and control.
So, starting with self improvment may not be a bad idea.
Fashion matters
2). Fashion Does Matter (Dress Like You)
I often say this simple quote “Looks don’t matter, but always be the best version of yourself”.
You don’t have to spend $2000 on a t-shirt to look the part, you can spend $10 and still look awesome, it’s all about finding a style that suits you, then just tricking yourself into thinking the items you’re wearing are of value.
A Rolex is a lovely watch, a nice one goes for $18,999 + (daytona), but visually it’s no different to a $1000 – $2000 watch, but because you get the brand and know in your head that it’s worth 18 + grand, you feel like a man of value.
Well, use this to your advantage, treat your clothes, watch and shoes like they’re worth lots of money and soon you’ll trick yourself into thinking they are. This physiologically gives you an edge on others and helps you look and feel more comfortable in what you’re wearing.
Have a firm Handshake
3). Have A Firm Handshake
Something every dad/granddad should teach their son/grandson, is how to shake a hand like a gentleman.
With men it should be firm, strong and with good eye contact.
With women you’ll want firm grip, while being gentle, strong eye contact, maybe even a smile as you introduce yourself. That’s the way a gentleman does it.
Your word is your bond
4). Your Word Is Your Bond
Your word is as strong as you make it. The stronger your words are, the more meaning they have, the more meaning they have, the more alpha male you’ll be.
To give your words more meaning it’s as simple as start meaning them. Yes, mean your words, keep your promises and do your best to not let people down.
Do them three things for 20 days and you’ll be a changed man, with a much stronger word and more trust worthiness.
A gentleman smells good all the time
5). Pay Attention To Your Hygiene
A compliment I’m always searching for is good smell, it’s something that gains instant attention and I find makes women more attracted to me instantly.
How to smell good: Get a nice body moisturiser for men and use it after you shower. Get a nice body spray that none of your friends wear. Then buy some aftershave, doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something different. If you’re below 25, then check what your dad wears and try it out, I find women like an older man’s smell when it comes to aftershave. Then finally get a strong deodorant and blast your sweaty areas straight after a shower, and voila you’ll smell incredible.
Tip: Change the smells you wear every 2 – 3 months, it keeps you smelling fresh and stops people getting used to your smell.
The lady always goes first
6). Open The Door, Let Your Partner Go First
Always let the female/s enter the room first. This is a basic rule when learning how the rules of being a gentleman.
Gentleman give up their jackets
7). Give Her Your Jacket
Read the signals and try to offer your jacket before she makes a comment about the coldness.
When offering make it completely acceptable to say yes, let her know you’re fine and you’re not cold, even if you’re freezing to the point you have three balls.
Give up your seat
8). Give Up Your Seat For A Women (Or Someone Who Needs It More)
Whether you’re on public transport or waiting for something, always give your seat up to your elders, women and people who may need the seat more than you.
It may seem awkward asking someone if they’d like your seat, but after you do it 5 + times you’ll start seeing how amazing people are when you do something nice for them.
A true gentleman has manners
9). Have Manners (Say Please + Thank You)
Whether you’re at a restaurant, at her parent’s place, with your friends, anywhere. It’s never a bad time to have manners, rule #1 about being a gentleman is to always have manners, even when others have lost there’s.
A man picks up the bill when possible
10. Get The Bill
Trust me this one can sometimes be a killer, but as a gentleman you should always do your best to get the bill. I’ve had times where I’ve had 20 pounds in my bank and had to take a girl for dinner and had to pray she ordered something I could afford. This is a bad feeling, but as a gentleman you should always do your best to get the bill.
Tip: You don’t have to do this forever, sometimes you’ll get in a relationship where you both help each other out, but at least buy the first three dates and always try your best to pay if it’s possible.
Also when you’re out with her parents always offer and do your best to pay for the meal, this goes a hell of a long way.
Keep it down on the old swear words
11). Don’t Use Swear Words (F@#k)
I swear too much for my own good, so I have no right to tell you not too, but just do your best to be polite and not swear in front of the in laws (parents in law) and other elders, sometimes it’s acceptable, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Walk closest to the curb
12). Walk Closest To The Curb
It’s the little things that make a difference and something my mum always drilled into me, was to always walk closest to the curb when with a women.
Gentleman never lay a hand on a woman
13). Never, I Mean Ever Lay A Finger Harmfully On A Women
This goes without saying for most, in order to even be a man you must learn to never lay a harmful finger on a women.
Keep A Secret
14). Keep A Secret
If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my twenties it’s that no one can ever keep a secret. Litrally no one.
So, by being a man who can keep a secret you instantly add value to yourself, to both men and women.
Be on time
15). Be On Time
Look we can all be late sometimes and I personally have been late more than my fair share, but you should always have clear intentions of being early.
Keep To Plans
16). Keep To Plans
Whether they’re plans with a male or female you should always stick to them.
Have you ever been let down by a friend? I.E: Your friend agrees to meeting up with you and then drops at the last minute, you’re then left doing nothing on your weekend feeling like poo. This feeling sucks, so do your best to keep to plans so others don’t have to feel this way.
Pick yourself up a nice suit/watch
17). Get Yourself One Nice Suit And A Watch
In life all you need is two nice suits and a watch that has value to you. But, at the start even one nice suit will do.
Women do crazy, unthinkable things to men in suits, it’s just something about them that changes the way females treat you.
So, enjoy the suit lifestyle, by suiting up.
If possible help seat the lady before you seat
18). Help Her Be Seated (Pull Out Her Chair)
Feel the romance when a man pulls out the chair for his woman. Even my heart melts, when I see this. It doesn’t matter your age, always remember to pull the seat out for your partner.
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Becoming A True Gentleman
Zappppppp… That’s you being zapped by the gentleman gun, it’s a gun that transforms normal, feeble men, into real gentleman. All you need to do is start practicing a few things on this list everyday and you’ll become the swooty, booty, smooth talking man, you and all your friends have always dreamed of becoming.

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