How To Get A Girlfriend You Actually Want

There’s enough advice on how to get a girlfriend out there to make any guy scream, cry and orgasm all at the same time. But nothing seems to tell you how to get a girlfriend you actually want! They just tell you to aim high and be confident. I had years of being friend zoned from girls and I was so hurt by it but, I soon realized I didn’t actually want them, I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t them so below is my advice is how to get the girl you actually want.

How To Get A Girlfriend You Actually Want

Where To Start

When I first tried to get a girlfriend I was a complete joke, I used to use Facebook for 90% of communication, be way too nice and I was one of them annoying guys who said s**t like “He’s not good enough for you” and my personal favorite “You deserve better”.

As you can imagine I spent countless amounts of time in the friendzone patiently waiting for any kind of opportunity to break out.

But, one day I snapped and pulled away from the social group I’d grown up in. I started studying ‘pick up’ and I actually tried to find the golden method that would make every girl love me. Now, even though I never found that, I did find pretty fool-proof tips that make it highly possible for any guy to get a girl of his dreams. So here they are.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Sleep With Different Women

If you’re a single man looking for a girlfriend then I’d recommend exploring your sexual side by having safe sex with different women.

This allows you to get more experience that in the future will help you secure the girl of your dreams.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to find “the one” first time round then go for it and don’t worry about having sex with multiple women as it’s not what counts in the grand scheme of things and she probably won’t appreciate it in the long run.

Why is this step important?

This step isn’t necessary, but I do find that the higher class women want a man with confidence in and outside the bedroom, A man wanted by other women, not needy and who is not sexually reliant. This is part of the reason why when you’re in a relationship, you have loads of women chuck themselves at you, but then as soon as you break up all the women disappear.

Go Out Lots And Lots

You’re not going to meet the girl of your dreams inside, even if you use online dating you still need to actually have the confidence to close in real life.

So, stop procrastinating and get yourself outside. The more you go outside, the higher the chances grow of meeting your dream women.

As a test go outside at least 30 minutes every single day without it being work related for the next 30 days and see how things change.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Diet And Train Your Body

No, you don’t need 6-pack abs to get the girl of your dreams, but at the same time it doesn’t hurt.

A few reasons why you need to train:

working out gives you more energy
It releases testosterone which makes you want a girlfriend more
By going to a gym you up the chances of meeting a girl
You will feel more confident
If you stick at it you’ll learn to be consistent (great tool in pick up and in a relationship)
Women don’t mind a little muscle
Gives you stamina 😉
You don’t have to go crazy, just try hitting the gym 3 times per week.

Next you’ll want to start eating healthy.

Why eating healthy rules:

You look hotter (skin improves)
You look and feel healthy
This generation is all about health (gives you something to talk about)
Boosts serotonin (happy hormone) if you eat the right foods
Boosts sex drive
There are hundreds of benefits that eating a healthy diet and going to the gym will get you when searching for a girlfriend so give it a try.

Get A Wingman

You don’t want to become reliant on a wingman, but it also doesn’t hurt to get yourself one. It’s easier to have fun and enjoy the process of meeting women when you have someone to come along for the ride and experience the funny rejections and the successful pulls.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Dressing Well Doesn’t Hurt

This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have the perfect outfit you will fail at meeting the perfect girl. It just doesn’t hurt to wear something that actually complements your shape.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Look you don’t have to look like Zac Efron in order to get the perfect girlfriend. But, it’s always good to be the best version of yourself.

You need to work with what you’ve got, for example: If you’re short, then rock your shortness, get yourself down the gym, watch comedy (get funny) and just learn to have a good time.

E.g: Do you need a lean muscular body to get women? No, but does it hurt to start working on it while you’re meeting women? No!

So, take a piece of paper and write down what would make you the kind of person you would want to be. Things like your body shape, hobbies, personality, fashion sense, etc. Once you’ve got 20 things with a description of the person you want to become, just start working on becoming that person. Simples.

Face The Rejection

The hardest, best and most effective way to get the girl of your dreams is to face rejection.

Not many men are happy to get rejected so most men never even try to get what they want. Seriously a man would rather approach a girl he doesn’t even think is attractive over a 10 out of 10 hottie , this is just to preserve his ego and not get rejected.

So, if you go out and just approach every girl you see ugly or hot and just face rejection you will be amazed how easy it is to get a girlfriend.

Method: Who’s going to get the girl of his dreams? A guy who’s good-looking but waits for women to come to him or the guy who’s not as good-looking but goes out and approaches 100 women every week?

The ugly guy is 100x more likely to find the perfect girl and by putting himself in that position of vulnerability time after time, he will become a more confident character who will even do much better in an actual relationship.


You don’t need to over complicate it, just do your best to have a lot of fun while you’re on a night out. Your first priority is to have fun and second is to meet a female, that way even if you fail with women you can still go home feeling like a champ knowing you had a great night.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Read These Guides

I created some guides that’ll help speed up the process of meeting the one.

How To get Laid
How To Have A One Night Stand
How To Have More Sex
These guides all look focused on sex, but in truth the advice they talk about can be instantly transformed into advice geared at getting you a girlfriend.

Get Female Friends (Trust Me)

You’re going to have a much easier time getting into clubs and meeting women while you’re with female friends, trust me.

I’m not telling you to get a wingwoman, just get a few females who you can go for a drink with occasionally.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Watch These Pick Up Artists

I’ve learned loads about self-improvement, confidence and women from watching a few pick-up artists. Now don’t take everything they say to heart, just listen to their advice and make up your own opinion based on your own life.

RSD – Tyler and Julian.


Elliott Hulse (Not A Pick-Up Artist)

All of these guys really taught me a lot about life, women and improvement. I highly recommend you give them a try.

Get Well Traveled

The quickest way I know to change as a person is to take a plane flight somewhere new. You gain different experiences, stories, meet new people and become more confident. It broadens your mind.

It takes you out of your comfort zone and can actually change your goals and help you find what you want from life.

If you’re serious about meeting a high value girl then take every chance you get to travel to a new place and experience new things.

How To Get A Girlfriend

First Girl Syndrome

My first concert was ‘The Killers’ and to be completely honest they ruined nearly every other concert I’ve been too since. They were so good that it just set my standards unbelievably high and made it hard for me to enjoy other bands.

Much like The Killers was to me, your first really hot partner will be like to you. They will basically make everyone seem crap in comparison. So, if you are lucky enough to meet someone you really do love, don’t over think it, don’t worry about the number of people you’ve had sex with and don’t listen to the people around you who say it won’t work.

Just take each day as it comes and just see how things go from there.

Enjoy Your Life

Getting a girlfriend is similar to eating a chocolate bar. You don’t want to rush it and you don’t want to pray for it to be over.

Instead you want to enjoy it from start to finish, right now I bet you’re just sat there praying the girl of your dreams just appears and when she does you’ll want to be married and tie her down instantly to stop her getting away?

Well that just isn’t going to happen. You need to get to a point in your life where you feel comfortable with yourself and your abilities to keep a girl interested and when that happens you will actually want to slow things down and enjoy every moment with that person, just like when you want a chocolate bar to last that little bit longer so you can enjoy just that much more.

So remember how short life is and enjoy the process of everything, otherwise you’ll always be trying to get somewhere and never actually enjoy what you’ve already got.

I used to be the kind of guy who would procrastinate whilst procrastinating and it really sucked. Look, would you rather get a little temporary happiness from watching the Big Bang Theory (good show) or would you rather go outside and start meeting gorgeous women and getting the kind of happiness that lasts days on end? You can decide.

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