How To Get Your Boyfriend To Use A Sex Toy

As a man I can tell you that guys have this weird complex that a sex toy will replace them in the bedroom. I know this because before I used a sex toy I used to think the same :S. I also have countless male friends who refuse to allow sex toys in the bedroom and can’t seem to see what they’re missing. I decided to create this article as a way to show you what converted me to using sex toys and how I managed to get my friends to try sex toys with their partners (it may have been the free sex toys I gave them on valentine’s day ;)).
How To Get Your Boyfriend To Use A Sex Toy
My Story
I used to be one of them silly guys who was completely against using sex toys. I was actually jealous at the thought of my partner getting more pleasure out of a sex toy than she could from me and I honestly thought it would replace me in the bedroom.
How dumb was I?
It wasn’t until I invested hours into bettering myself sexual that I realized how incredible sex toys could be. And it took me getting extreme sexual confidence to actually start using them during sex.
The day I started using them was the day I realized how much fun sex toys add to a relationship. If you can already have orgasmic sex with your partner then sex toys just literally elevate the pleasure that’s being felt. It’s like putting more cheese on pizza, it’s never a bad idea!!
Whether it’s a We-Vibe, bullet vibrator or vibrating cock ring, they all add to the pleasure that’s being felt at any given time, making the experience more orgasmic and enjoyable.
The way I looked at it: If my partner is going to orgasm anyway, why not make it as fun, intense and pleasurable as physically possible? And that’s something that sex toys allow me to do.
Pick The Correct Sex Toy (No 10 Inch Dildos Ladies ;))
I started my sex toy experimentation off with a bullet vibrator (America – Europe) and personally I think it’s the best toy for beginners to start with.
It’s not intimidating, it’s easy to use (especially with some guidance from the partner), can be used during sex with women who like dual stimulation and as I’ve seen from the female reaction, it feels pretty f**king amazing.
Here’s some other beginner sex toys I recommend:
Massager Vibrator
Vibrating Cock Ring (Amazing)
Picture of communicating with a partner
Communicate With Your Partner
We all say dumb stuff that starts fights with our partners, but don’t let that put you off communicating about sex toys.
Trust me, I once made the mistake of saying this stupid sentence: I think guys would cheat less if they masturbated more, I masturbate a few times everyday and I think it helps me avoid cheating…
I didn’t see the problem with that sentence at the time, but my partner really took offence?
That’s just an example of the dumb s**t I’ve said without thinking, so I’m sure you’ll be fine when talking about sex toys.
Just get a nice bottle of wine, have a nice meal, with some chocolate and some sexual conversation. It’s the perfect atmosphere to bring up your lust for trying a sex toy and makes it very hard for your partner to say no. 😉
Explain The Benefits Of Sex Toys
You only need to plant the seed in his head to get him excited about using a sex toy, I mean it’s not hard… Sex toy = more sex!! Wooo.
Telling him how you’ll be able to try multiple orgasms, that you could use it while having penetrative sex and by say things like “You’re already better in bed than all my friends partners, so you’ll be unstoppable if we use a sex toy” will really get his attention.
Every man is slightly different, so explain it in a way that will relate to your man and get him excited.
Picture of someone taking credit
If He’s Present He Can Take Credit For All The Orgasmic Pleasure That Happens
I reckon most 20 + year-old men can give their partner on average one, maybe two orgasms per week, depending on how much they see each other and how high their sex drives are. Well when you start playing with sex toys you can double that and even give your partner three + orgasms in one day.
When a man knows he can take credit for these orgasms it then translates into “I’m better than my friends in the bedroom” and if he’s using a sex toy then 9 out of 10 times he will be.
So, make sure he knows that all the orgasms had while he uses the sex toy are achieved by him and that he can take full credit for them.
More Sex Sound Good?
One of the main things I’ve seen from getting my friends to try sex toys is how quickly the quantity of sex they have goes up. Most people get a little board after a few years and adding a sex toy is just the extra excitement they need to get things started up.
You could also ask him how a blow job sounds? Men respond well to blow jobs.
Unlock your dark naughty fantasy
Wrap It Up In A Dark Naughty Fantasy You Have
I think we can all agree fantasies are hot, I mean if your partner had a fantasy of having sex with you in a skirt and when you did it he would literally go crazy, you’d think it was pretty amazing right?
You can tell him that you’ve always had a really intense fantasy about using a sex toy with him and that you’d love to make it come true and how wet it would make you.
Men Get Off On You Getting Off
Easily my biggest turn-on is the thought of a girl getting off on me. There’s something incredibly attractive about giving someone pleasure and I even get off on the thought of making a girl orgasm. So, for me using a sex toy is a no brainer.
So, don’t worry about once he starts using the sex toy, just worry about getting him to try them in the first place.
You can have so much fun with sex toys
Have As Much Fun As You Can, Don’t Make It All About The Orgasm
Yes, sex toys do make it easier for both men and women to orgasm, but the orgasm is only one part of the sex, first you have the build up and sex toys allow you to build up and enjoy the whole ride not just the arrival. That’s goes for both men and women.
Sex is like a normal chocolate bar and when you add a good sex toy, it transforms into a Galaxy chocolate bar, now just because you eat a galaxy chocolate bar doesn’t mean all chocolate tastes bad, it just means you get to try something new that’s just a little better than normal chocolate, that’s all.
So basically you need to buy a good sex toy, get him a little drunk, talk about sex, feed his ego, let him try it above your underwear, react in the best way possible, get him excited… Before you know it, bam, he’s a fully trained sex toy user.
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Picture of me saying “How To Get Your Boyfriend To Use A Sex Toy”
I can’t stress that communication between your partner is more important than you could ever imagine when it comes to spicing up your sex life. So, take this advice and be sure to act on it. Have a lovely day and remember I’m always here to talk and try to help you out. Cheers, Oli.

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