How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Have you ever wondered why some people’s relationships just keep getting better, while others fail, get bored and break up? Believe it or not there’s actually a few reasons why relationships fail so frequently and I’ve got the easiest ways to avoid them and continue the growth of your relationship without negative effects.

Relationship Long Term

Travel The World And The Seven Sea’s Together

May sound impossible, but that’s only your mind holding you back. Traveling broadens the mind, gives confidence, exposes your mind to new ideas and ways of life and most importantly creates memories.

I recently started making a years worth of trip plans in advance, so I can budget traveling to at least one new place every month and once I started budgeting it and doing it, I found that it costs less than my shopping each week.

This is one of the reasons my relationships keep growing and whether you do this with a friend, family member or more importantly partner, it’ll help grow your bond and help your relationship.

Memories: The main reason traveling helps you achieve a long-term relationship is down to the memories and experiences achieved through doing/seeing things no one else has seen with them. Going, seeing and doing things that only you’ve done together makes you have a special connection and stories that only you can explain to each other, which makes you connect better with them.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Is there anything you want to achieve? Traveling? Work related? Love related? Well if there’s something that’s out of your comfort zone then it’s time to act.

Another way to build a strong connection with a partner is to do thrilling, scary and exciting tasks that put you out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes this is in order to please your partner and other times it’s purely to prove something to yourself.

Just do things like: Skydiving, mountain biking, snorkeling, hiking, half marathon, socializing with new people, concerts, anything that takes you out of everyday life.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Communication Is The Key To A Strong Relationship

If your partner is doing something wrong, tell them and not everyone else. The most common problem that causes relationships to break up and people to get frustrated at their partner’s is lack of communication.

I’ve had people come and slag off their partner about all the wrong they’ve done, but then when you say “Well do they know you’re annoyed?” They answer with “No, they don’t notice things”, well instead of waiting for them to notice just word up, explain the problem, then take the time to work on fixing it together.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Plan The Time You Do Get Together

Whether you spend everyday together or just the weekend, you need to start planning the time you do get with your partner.

Before I see my other half I’ve already created a little to-do list, things like: What we can do (go on a walk, go shopping, have a relax/make a spa at home, bake a cake, plan a holiday (even for the future), workout, movies to watch). Then I plan the food we’re going to eat, now most of the time it’s spontaneous and changes every week, but just having a plan and a clear idea of what we’re doing throughout the day, gets use doing stuff and always gets more results than when we don’t plan and just end up wasting the day, spending hours trying to decide what we’re going to do.

So both take 10 minutes before you meet to plan the day/s you do get together.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term


Following the stuff on this list will help you boost your sex drive. But, you still need to be taking active action in order to create a long-term relationship.

Some people will try to tell you two things. One, that sex isn’t important and that’s BULL S**T. Two, sex goes away after 5 years, again a load of s**t unhappy people feed happy couples in order to make them suffer like they are.

In a good relationship you grow together, this means changing and adapting to your partner’s body and sexual needs. This usually means that sex actually gets better with time.

A quick way to get sex back up to scratch is to try one new sexual act, method, position, technique, fantasy or fetish every month. Within 4/5 years you’ll have built up an orgasmic arsenal of sexual knowledge and your relationship will keep reaching new sexual peaks. Below are some things you can try:

Have More Sex.
Get Kinky.
Guide to orgasmic oral sex.
Buy Sex Toys.
Get the kama Sutra.
Read the list of 45 sexual things to do in bed tonight.
Don’t sex shame.
Create a sexual fantasy list.
Follow them things and you’ll have a strong relationship in no time.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Socialize Together And Alone

Many women and men try to stip their partners of their social life once they start dating. They use lines like: “Spend the time off you have with me”, “I like all your friends but (Insert best friends name) is a d**k”, “You want to go out with (Insert friends name) well I thought we had plans”.

This is perfectly normal, but in order to have a strong relationship, you both need to have social circles together and apart, this helps you maintain strength and actually keeps some lust and good old jealousy in the relationship.

It also gives you room to enjoy yourself and stops you putting too much pressure on your partner to fulfil all your social needs.

Advice: Nobody can tell you where your relationship will be in 5 years, so never dump your friends, because if all goes to s**t they might not want you back and trust me I’ve been there, there’s no worse feeling than not being wanted.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Don’t Forget To Make Out

Making out is awesome, have a 5 – 10 minute make out session at least once a week. It’s officially time to up your make out game.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Don’t Get Stuck In A Routine Lifestyle

Yawn, are you 1 in 7 billion or one of the 7 billion? If you want to stray apart and have a unique relationship, try breaking routine every other week. Don’t always do the same things together try to, eat, watch, wear and see new things.

This helps keep you growing together and not apart.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Spend Time Apart

Probably the best lesson I learnt from my elders was that in order to have a strong relationship you need to spend time apart.

This doesn’t mean weeks or months. Just have time to yourself and allow your partner to do the same with no guilt.

Another bad thing people do is make their partners feel guilty for wanting to spend a few days apart or even have their own space while doing things like having a bath, watching TV, working, even working out.

Your partner can’t/won’t miss you if you never leave them alone.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Get A Joint Hobby Together

I like making a fool of myself… So, one of the things I do occasionally is go dancing, this is something that you can do with a partner and it’ll help make your bond even stronger, it gives you something to compete in and is just pure fun.

Sometimes you need to have a hobby together in order to remain in a similar mind-set and maintain things in common.

This hobby could be anything from painting, fitness, dancing, DIY, extreme sports ;), shopping (maybe not shopping ;)), gaming, etc.

How To Have A Strong Relationship Long Term

Things You Shouldn’t Do:

There’s a few common mistakes a lot of couples make with their partner that cause their relationship to break and become boring.

Say Never Change (Bull S**t)

We’ve all been there, that one perfect moment where you want things to stay as peaceful, loving and wonderful as they are… The truth is they’ll never be like that all the time, so don’t make the mistake of trying to trick your partner into not changing.

Do you know how boring someone who doesn’t change is? You do the same things everyday, don’t go traveling, don’t upgrade your lifestyle, don’t do things differently, etc.

So, don’t fall into the trap of making your partner feel the need not to change, in fact provoke change and continue learning and changing, but do it together instead of on your own.

Stop Them From Growing (Make Them Fat)

Women and men get into relationships and have this urge to make their partner reliant on them, this means get them fat, stop their self improving and basically dumb them down.


Honey, stop working and come watch TV.
Don’t be boring eat this cake.
I’ll love you if you’re fat and ugly.
Going out at the weekends bad right? Don’t you prefer watching our favorite movies?
These seem harmless, but sadly the people I see making these comments, two years later end up changing things around and saying:

We never do anything nice because of the money.
You really don’t look after your health no more do you.
Maybe we should join a gym together.
You’ve lost the thing that made you, you.
So, instead allow your partner to grow, growth is important and if you succeed at this, it’ll feel like you’re taking home a new women/man every week and also keep you improving into a better more well rounded human being.

Don’t Put Them Higher Than They Put You

I’m sure your partner is awesome and you might think the world of them, but never put them higher than they put you. People always make the mistake of over hyping their partner, you need to give them confidence, love and respect, but try your best not to put them on a pedestal for nothing.

Save praise, gratitude and respect for when they’ve really earned it.

Say Forever (It really is a long time).

Right now you love this person, maybe you love them more than you love anyone, that’s highly possible, but emotions change at the snap of a finger. So instead of saying forever and telling everyone forever including your partner. Just say, right now it’s amazing, I love you, let’s try to make tomorrow even better. Keep doing that and soon time will fly by and you’ll be with someone who’s just as amazing as you are.

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