How To Have Sex In A Hot Country

It’s summertime and having sex just got a lot harder… Especially for the people who live in hot countries. I personally live in Spain and this summer has so far been ridiculously hot!!! One of the things I noticed from my friends and myself was how much sex drives decreased in the heat. I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in a hot country for 10 + years (on and off) so I’ve managed to pick up loads of tips and tricks for helping hot summer sex and here they are.
Picture of text: If you have aircon use it
If You Have Aircon Use It During
Aircon can be expensive to use, especially if it’s you paying the electric bill. But let’s face it would you rather be a hot, sweaty mess while having sex, or a cool, sexy person? So, if you have the option then blast that aircon on!!!
If you don’t have aircon then I’d highly recommend at least getting an electric fan just to take some of the edge off.
Cold Shower Right Before You Have Any Pleasure
Both take a 60 second cold shower just before you have sex, this will cool your body temperature down and actually make you feel cold during your lovemaking session (ewww, the word “lovemaking” creeps me the f**k out D:).
You could even have some foreplay fun while in the shower. That way you’ll stay cool and can enjoy the pleasure without worrying about heat. Remember to get an anti slip mat (I learned the hard way that anti slip mats exist for a reason) and it doesn’t hurt to get some oil based lube (America – Europe).
Have sex without clothes
Clothes Have To Go
There’s a plus side to hot sex, you get to be completely naked and out of the covers… Wow!
Now, you can keep bikinis and boxers on, but personally I think full frontal is better and the only reason I’d keep anything on is to make the process of getting changed after easier, because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find clothes that have been flung all over the room just after having hot sex.
The Earlier The Better (Become A Morning Person)
In my experience the coolest part of the day is always in the morning around 6am to 7am. So, if you’re really struggling to have any sexy time, then just turn yourselves into morning people.
Even where I am in Spain it’s 38C in the day and around 27C in the morning, which is a massive difference and perfect for having hot sex, without the heat ;).
Picture of lubrication
I love foreplay as much as everyone, but when you’re having sex in a hot country it’s sometimes a good idea to go straight for the kill, or at least speed things up.
So, I’d recommend getting some lubrication (America – Europe). It just makes foreplay more enjoyable and speeds it all up.
Lube isn’t always needed, but it’s always good to have some lying around just incase you want to speed things up before you get hot and bothered.
Choose The Positions Carefully
Anything that’s too up close and personal is a bad idea. Positions like doggy style and reverse cowgirl are really what you want to try.
Now if you live in a hot country and aren’t just on holiday than of course you’ll try all the sex positions under the sun (literally), but it’s always good to have a few sex positions up your sleeves from them seriously hot days/weeks.
Picture of text “Prepare for the hot sex”
When It’s Hot Plan And Prep Your Sex
I’m usually against planning sex, but when it’s hot you don’t have much choice. It’s always a good idea to make a little plan of action.
IE: Get the lube, sex toys, music, aircon on and drinks ready, then have a quick cold shower and bam the sex begins.
Women especially have trouble having sex in the heat, it’s just such a nightmare getting your hair and make up to look good and stay good when the heat is blistering. That’s why it’s a good plan to work out sex days, at least while you’re in the hottest months.
Include Ice
It’s not necessary but if you’ve never tried it then you should definitely add a few ice cubes to your sex. You can use them to enhance oral or just draw patterns on the skin.
It’s a sexy way to cool your partner down while sexually teasing/pleasing them.
Picture of text “Sex toys are great for sex in a hot country”
Sex Toys Are Speed Things Up On A Boiling Summers Day
You won’t always have the time for orgasmic foreplay, but fear not. You can still orgasm and have great sex just with a little help from a sex toy.
A little bullet vibrator (America – Europe) is a complete life saver during the hotter times of the year. Not only is it a great couples sex toy, but it’s the perfect boost your foreplay will need to make it more enjoyable.
Tip: Don’t get reliant on sex toys, as much fun as they are, even when it’s hot you’ll still want to mix it up with oral sex, hand jobs and fingers. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a vibrating cock ring (America – Europe) to add more stimulation to your penetrational sex.
Exercising Regularly Helps Keep Up In The Heat
When you’re both sweating from the passion and the intensity of the sex it’s hot as f**k. But, when you’re sweating before the sex has even started, that’s when it might be a good idea to start exercises and getting back in shape.
When I get to Spain the first thing I do is start exercising otherwise I’ll literally lose the will to do anything. You don’t need to go crazy just go running a few hours per week. Anything to get your health back on track.
Don’t Use Heat As An Excuse
From experience I can tell you that the excuse “It’s too hot to have sex” isn’t a good one. So, to avoid a sexless relationship you need to completely stop using heat as an excuse not to have sex.
I tell you this because, once you use it, it becomes the best excuse and it’ll start ruining your sex life. You’ve also got to remember that quick sex is great while it’s in the hottest months of the year, but after them months subside you’ll want to get right back into long-lasting pleasure.
No more will you must have hot, sweaty sex. You can now cool down and enjoy what’s going on around you. Sounds better right? To me it does. If you need any more tips or tricks please just use the comments below. Have an awesome day. Oli.

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