How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Long distance relationships are extremely stressful at times and can be an emotional rollercoaster. I, myself have been in a few long distance relationships and over time I’ve learnt that they can actually be beneficial to a long-term relationship. So, I’m going to teach you how to not just cope with long distance, but how to thrive and reek the benefits of it.
You may also think this list is aimed at people who’re younger? Teen/Post teens? Nope, most of the things in the list can be changed and altered to suit any open-minded relationship (18+).
long distance relationships
I lived apart from my partner for around 6 months, we used to see each other once per week and it involved her getting a long train (3 – 6 hours), this was bad because at the time I was in a job I hated and she was just finishing her a-levels, stress was high and we kept having stupid fights, with spits of jealousy and anger in-between.
Skype really helped us hold on through the hard times, there’s something about actually looking at your partner while talking that makes it much harder to argue and easier to comfort yourself.
Plus, Instant message sometimes make me seem like an asshole, unless I resort to looking like a child by using way too many emojis, just so people actually know I’m joking 😀 D: :O 😉 ;D.
Webcam: So, do what I did and invest in a good quality webcam, that way you can sit and talk, sometimes get naughty, all in HD ;). IT’S THE FUTURE…
Webcam I recommend and use.
Long Distance Relationships
If you have no plans for the future it’s going to be hard to make your long distance relationship work, as people we need a plan and a road to walk on. So, do the following:
Plan the next time you’re meeting up.
Plan what you’re going to do in the future.
Create little life goals with each other in them.
Create a list of things to look forward too.
Then start acting, talk about the list, plan it in detail, start saving and make it happen. This is the real key to long distance relationship that work.
Long Distance Relationships
As Emily from Sex with Emily says: “Communication is lubrication” and that couldn’t be truer. In order to maintain a strong relationship you need to talk to each other and word what’s on your mind.
Women – “My husbands such a tool, he never see’s when I’m annoyed.”
Hairdresser – Have you tried telling him?
Women – “No! Because he just doesn’t notice things.”
Most people will happily change, or at least address the problem once they’ve been confronted. But as a man I can tell when my partner is annoyed, but I know that if I ask “Are you annoyed at me?”, I get an answer like “It’s always about you” and if I ask are you annoyed, I used get “No, I’m fine” this makes it very hard for me to escalate the conversation and find out what the problem is.
So, instead try telling your partner the problem, worries, issues and anything that’s on your mind, instead of bottling it up and telling everyone but him/her.
Men do this even more than women, but I’m just sating it from my point of view, as a guy.
Advice On Communicating:
Get Creative: Take time to word awesome long messages to each other, have inside jokes and put effort into being funny. Use your imagination and try to change it up.
Get An Amazing Messaging App (Reliable): I used WaZapp, but just find an instant messaging app that’s reliable and keeps chatting consistent.
Keep It To A Minimum (Be The First To Say Bye): You want to have especially long conversations, but don’t talk everyday, trust me the conversation soon dries up and you’re left with:
Me – Hey.
Her – How are you?
Me – I’m great, you?
Her – Good.
That’s when you know you’re ever in the biggest trouble or… She’s just not that into you.
So if you ever see it going that way, say goodbye on a high and talk again once you’ve got something more to add.
Long Distance Relationships
Make Your Life More Interesting
Do more crazy, dumb, s**t (Don’t get arrested or hurt yourself), the more you do fun, weird and wonderful things in your life, the more amazing it will be to talk to you.
Even things like going to a course like: Dancing, drama, fitness, comedy. Or doing things like going to more concerts, comedy clubs, etc.
These are the things that I love and they always create great stories that you can then tell your partner.
Breakdown: The more interesting your life is, the more you’ll have to talk about = The more amazing you’ll appear to them.
Long Distance Relationships
Heart pumping, sweat dripping, juices flowing, erection pulsing. Just some of the feelings that you’ll feel while having cam sex for the first time.
Sex Toys
You need a bullet vibrator and a great male masturbator (also some lube for the male masturbator). This will allow you to simulate your love for each other ;).
Erotic Stories
Write intense erotic stories about your sexual feelings towards them. You can write out a fantasy of what you’d like to do, or a made up fantasy that you want them to think about while they get off.
Make it saucy, detailed and involving rough sex and spare no detail.
Be Careful!!
I have standards, try not to send dick/pussy pics with your face in them. Last thing you want is a leak.
Also, don’t text them something really naughty at work, wait till they’re definitely alone, the last thing you want is their friend seeing it as a notification…
Give Them A Little Gift
Physical items are a great way to connect with them, so when you meet up buy them a little gift, doesn’t have to be expensive, just something they can keep. For men it can be something like a piece of jewelry, teddy bear (some women don’t like this kind of stuff), mixtape (if you’re old school), framed picture of you both, etc. And as a women you can get a nice card, cool hat or novelty gift, maybe even a bracelet.
Look I don’t mind if you’re 40 years old and long distance because of a job, getting little bracelets or little gifts for each other is thoughtful and surprisingly cute, it will mean a lot and helps you miss them in a nice way.
Long Distance Relationships
Fun Games You Can Play
If you want to mix things up you can play some of these fun games.
You Got Mail
Everyone likes getting mail right? Well send each other big ass letters (relationship mail), it’s more intense than an email and gives you both an inanimate object as a memory.
Plus it’s personal and is different and as we know difference is always remembered.
Challenges (One Picture A Day)
Me and my partner used to send the craziest picture we could each day and challenge each other to go crazier. Stuff like that created competition, banter and lots of fun.
Challenge each other and do different things each day over the internet.
How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work
Benefits Of A Long Distance Relationship
As someone who’s had a long distance relationship and been through the inconvenience, sadness and pressures of it, I know how hard it can be, but there’s some seriously incredible benefits to it all.
Value Of The Time You Have Together
Know How To Be Committed Without Instant Gratification
These are three valuable things you gain from living without your other half. You learn to miss them, but be able to cope without them. You cherish the time you do get, things like morning cuddles (sex ;)), watching movies, having a take away, has a different meaning to it and it doesn’t just go once you live with each other again, I’ve still got that feeling two years after we started living together again, it lasts and I’m forever grateful for every second I get with her.
It’s not all bad, if you’re strong I guarantee you can make it and if you do love the person, it’ll be so worth it when you finally do.

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