How To Simulate A Cheating Fantasy With Your Partner

More men and women are owning up to having this fantasy. The fantasy of cheating on their partner. Whether it’s the thrill, the excitement or wanting to feel like you have a new man or woman in your life this fantasy is quickly becoming one of the top ten. I’ve got the foolproof guide to simulating a cheating fantasy like never before, in this guide you’ll learn how to use this sexual fantasy positively to enhance your sex life with your current partner and stopping the craving for someone new.
Cheating Fantasy
Getting Into Character
To make the cheating fantasy satisfy your sexual urges you’ll need to get into a character and get deep inside this role. You need to be disconnected from who you really both are to make this believable, if you’re moaning and groaning like you always do it will disrupt the fantasy and you will not feel like you are with someone new. Really unhook yourself from the norm and become your ultimate fantasies.
You’re only allowed to make contact over the phone, mainly through texts.
You’re never allowed to bring up the fantasy once you have begun the process.
Having a safe word already in place will save you a lot of messing around.
I recommend trying some role play prior to this fantasy as I said before you need to be this new person and so does your partner, you kind of need to know what you’re doing.
You’ll treat it like a real affair. First dates, create friction, don’t go all the way, ect.
It’s time to start creating the fantasy.
How To Simulate A Cheating Fantasy With Your Partner
The Perfect Scene
You need to pick somewhere ideal for the first date. As it’s your fantasy you can improve the advice below making it more ideal to your personal preferences. For people who are less keen in role play, you may want to skip to the sex part of this article.
Dinner: The dinner scene is the most common and usually where the fun starts. You start by creating a background story, example: Your wife/husbands best friend made a pass at you outside your house, but to remain secret you demanded to go for dinner before anything happens, “Just to talk”. You always want to have a little, yet believable back story (for those who’re not into role play you can skip this down to the sex advice). Tips:
Both arrive at different times.
You need to go somewhere you won’t bump into friends.
Treat it like a first date.
No contact before unless it’s over the phone.
Hotel: If you’re due a little break away, then the hotel setting is the perfect place to try your cheating fantasy. You’ll usually do this after the “restaurant” scene. So, continue your story on from that point.
Pick a hotel out-of-town, doesn’t have to be expensive. Then take a two-day trip and either meet your partner there or drive up together and only have one person check in.
The female usually goes and uses the hotel to get ready while the male sits in the bar waiting (usually drinking), the female then comes down to the bar where you the man will approach her, you can do it in your own time or instantly depending on the role play.
You then retire to the same room where you have sex as many times as possible with your “new” partner. The difference in your surroundings makes it all the more realistic.
Third Date At Your Place: An alternative is to do it at your place, in your own bed. Something I like to call the “third date”. You meet twice without sex, then the third time you meet you invite them round for drinks, maybe some food. Prepare it like you would a real date, dress smart, have the bedroom ready, play it out like you’re really cheating in your own home. To make it seem real you’ll use the excuse that your partners away for the night.
You can also take the second scenario and have rushed sex where you’ve got a few hours to yourself and you invite them round, for a thrilling quickly.
How To Simulate A Cheating Fantasy With Your Partner
The Complete Cheating Fantasy Scenario
Once you’ve picked the place you’re going to have sex, it’s time to create the scenario. I’ve hopefully given you some ideas already, but here’s some more:
Boss/Secretary: Probably the most popular scenarios is cheating with a boss/secretary. The sex usually involves a dominant and a submissive, someone with power and someone who is there to please.
Teacher/Student: Having sex with someone in control is something we all enjoy. So the teacher/student scenario can get hot quickly. It turns out it’s not only men who dreamed about their teachers.
One Night Stand: The cheating fantasy doesn’t always have to continue with the same person. You try the one night stand scenario were you hit it and quit it. People enjoy the feeling of leading people on at the same time as having no strings sex.
Hot Baby Sitter: Another single time fantasy is the hot baby sitter. Most men have a fantasy of a sexy twenty-something year-old baby sitter who makes a pass while he’s dropping her off. This can lead to hot car sex.
Call Girl/Boy: If you’re just interested in trying a simulated cheating fantasy a call girl/boy is the perfect place to start. Once of you takes the role as the escort/prostitute and the other is paying for sex. It’s easy to believe, fun to act and quick to set up.
Partners Best Friend: You can pretend to have a love affair with your partners best friend (your partner has to be ope minded, if not use a fake best friend), you can work this into regular cheating fantasy and it’s a great one to come back too.
Take some time to create your perfect fantasy, use your imagination and communicate with your partner to make it pleasurable for both of you.
How To Simulate A Cheating Fantasy With Your Partner
The Ultimate Cheating Fantasy Sex Guide
The part you’ve all been waiting for. The guide to having sex with your partner and making it feel like someone new. I’ll start by explaining what you’ll need and it’s purpose, then I’ll move onto the instructions.
Wigs: To completely trick your mind into believing your having sex with someone new you’ve got to change certain aspects, the hair is the easiest and most effective aspect to change. Getting a wig is a simple, yet effective way to change the way you look and feel dramatically.
Blindfolds: Next you’ll want to invest in a blindfold. You can use a tie or an item of clothing, but blindfolds are easier to put on and usually stay in place better than clothing (this is key to the experience). – (Europe/America)
Restraints: You don’t always want the person enjoying the experience to move, restraints stop their hands wondering and give you control over their whole body. Ideal for those using a wig, all they will feel is the different hair against their body. – (Europe/America)
Penis Extension: The most important toy you need to complete the female fantasy is a penis extension. It adds size to your penis, making you feel like a new man. – (Europe/America)
Jiggle Balls: To help change the feeling of sex, women can start using jiggle balls, they tighten up the vagina. Over time it’ll make you feel like a new women. – (Europe/America)
Condoms: You’re new lovers, you’ve never had sex, so condoms need to be worn, at least at the start. Plus, it helps add realism to the sex toys. – (Europe/America)
Lubrication: You’ll want to pick up some new lubrication if you haven’t already got some, while you’re there you can get this pleasure lube to help create more stimulation. – (Europe/America)
G-spot fingers (For people who really want the real feel): If you want to make the stimulation feel even more different you can now get g-spot stimulating fingers, that you can finger your partner with making it feel like there’s different fingers inside her. – (Click here to buy in Europe/Click here to buy in America)
Sex Advice: Learn some new sex tips either on Essex lad or with this sex tip book, you want to feel different to your partner.
How To Simulate A Cheating Fantasy With Your Partner
Cheating Fantasy Guide for Women: Before the pleasure starts the female must enter the room and put a blindfold on (this doesn’t occur when role-playing a full-time fantasy), if you opted to use restraints you must (if flexible enough), insert both your feet and one of your hands into the restraints, the last hand can either remain free or be restrained by the man. While the women is doing this the man must be applying his penis extension, putting a condom on it and finally lubing it up. After around five minutes the man has to enter the room. First put on background music (create a playlist prior to the fantasy), then restrain your partners lose hand, make no noise and have no verbal contact with your partner, as far as they know this could even be a random man you’ve planned to involve in the sex. Now it’s time to bust out your new sex techniques, give her oral sex like never before and touch her body in ways you wouldn’t normally dare. When she’s finally ready for the sex to begin insert your penis with the penis extender attached and watch her face changes as her fantasy comes to life. It’ll feel like a big, realistic penis and the condom will add even more realism to it.
Undo the leg restraints to grab her legs and turn her around and try new positions. Try to make it as orgasmic and different as you can.
When the pleasure becomes too much take off the penis extension, you can either leave without saying anything and hide the evidence like it never happened or you can finish on your partner leaving behind a little memory for her. After the sex, undo at least one of the females restraints (if not already done), then the female needs to wait another five minutes before she starts undoing the others. The man needs to hide the toy, have a shower and act like he’s just been watching tv. Obviously you both know what’s happened, but there’s always going to be a little part of the females mind that wonders “what if..”.
Cheating Fantasy Guide For Men: The males scene is quite similar with a few extra surprises. It starts the same way by the man applying the blindfold, he can also use restraints (for the full effect use restraints). The women needs to do some work prior to the night of pleasure, if you’ve ever heard of Jiggle Balls that’s what you’re going to be using. two weeks before the fantasy you’re going to start using Jiggle Balls daily, they’ll tighten your vagina up making it feel different to him. While the man is getting ready the female needs to get hot, new underwear on, apply a wig (take time applying it properly so it doesn’t come off), if you want to drive him wild then apply deep throat spray (it numbs your gag reflex making it easy to give great head), before you enter the room you can apply the sensation lube (it’ll make your vagina feel different.). Grab a condom (make the sex feel different) don’t use the sensation lube if you’re making him wear a condom, save that for later. Enter the room, blow his mind with you confidence, ride him, suck him, just don’t talk or let him touch you with his hands. When he’s done you just leave, go and have a shower, just undo one of the restraints, so he can get himself out once you’re gone. After you leave the man cannot move for another five minutes (same as the female).
Extra Tip: You can use a new scent (perfume/after shave) in order to play ticks with your partners mind. Females can also grow or shave their vagina hair to make it look/feel different.
Cheating Fantasy
The rest is down to you. This is only the start, you can add and change this fantasy to suit your ultimate dream cheating fantasy, just remember the small details are important. I hope you’ve enjoyed, if you’ve got any questions use the comments. Have a wonderful day/night.

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