How I Spiced Up My Sex Life Instantly

I’ve been reading lots of articles recently on spicing up your sex life and even though some were amazing, I always feel like you’ve got to buy something (Sex Toy, Lube, Guide) or have to wait for a certain moment. For example, having car sex is incredible, but the chances you can have car sex tonight are pretty slim. So I’ve decided to show you my little list of ways I spiced up my sex life almost instantly, so you can do the same tonight with your partner.
Try a fantasy test with your partner
Fantasy Test With Partner
So you’re in a new relationship, or have been in the same relationship so long it almost feels awkward to bring up sexual fantasies. All you’ve got to do is jump over to and complete their test, it’s completely free and allows both of you to pick what sexual fantasies you’d like to try off a big list (In private), then at the end it’ll only show you the ones you have in common.
This is the perfect way to find out what fantasies you share in a safe, non judgemental environment. You may also find a new sex fantasy that turns you on (group sex anyone?).
Blindfolds… Wow.
Everyone has insecurities about their body and sometimes these insecurities hold back sexual enjoyment. Adding a blindfold to your sex life might just be the thing you need to be able to let yourself go.
Now you don’t even need to buy a blindfold, you can happily use a tie, t-shirt, just about any loose fabric that’s long enough to cover the eyes and go gently under the back of the head.
No awkward eye contact
Darkness makes it easier to activate your imagination
Is it a new lover? Who knows
Makes it less judgeful for the person giving the pleasure
Increases stimulation and other body senses
Just a few benefits of the blindfold.
Text: Open yourself up to the world of massage
Open Yourself Up To The World Of Massage
The occasional back massage that turns into sex just doesn’t cut it anymore. So I challenge you to spend a little time learning erotic massage.
Massage relaxes the body, decreases stress and increases blood circulation, making it easier to reach orgasm and get in the sexual zone.
Erogenous massages include the shoulders, back, lower back, thighs, butt, feet (If they’re not too sensitive), and in the spirit of saving the best to last, belly and boobs, Wo00!
Go on YouTube, use Google, even read an article on erotic massage and then tonight try your hand at giving one to your partner.
You can use normal oil (Get it in most grocery shops for $2 – $3), or get real massage oil and if you’re extra naughty try some edible vanilla massage oil (America – Europe), perfect for massages that involve the boobs, belly and vagina.
Try Your Hand At A New Sex Position
Sofeminine did a fantastic KamaSutra based article with pictures, that every couple should read.
Some of the funnest sexual experiences I’ve had have been while having a few glasses of wine and trying out some new sex positions. It’s a free, easy way to add a little humor and fun to your sex life.
PS: Don’t feel disappointed when you find out you’re not flexible enough to try some of the best sex positions. It happens to the best of us, my body just doesn’t’ allow me to do certain sex positions without literally crushing the person I’m with.
Spice up your sex with light bdsm
Try Some Light BDSM
Where’s the chains and whips? Just kidding. You don’t have to wear latex, insert a butt plug and wear a ball gag to try BDSM, even though all that can be lots of fun ;).
First you should try light spanking, this can be an extremely erotic act. You’ve got to start lightly, warm up the area (Get the blood flowing), take your time and start gently, then slowly get firmer and stronger, as the area gets less sensitive. If you’re new to spanking then it should be fun and playful, you’ve also got to remember that warming up the area gently at first is key to enjoyment.
I also recommend trying restraints, you can use handcuffs, tie, clothing, rope, or my personal favorite, bed restraints (Europe – America). This completely takes the control away from the person getting restrained (thrilling feeling) and takes complete trust. Without a doubt this makes sex more interesting and in my experience a lot more orgasmic for both people involved.
Does Food And Sex Mix?
Something I’ve recently got a taste for is adding playful foods into sexual activities. Whether you’re slowly licking squirty cream of your partner’s body or applying warm dark chocolate and slowly licking it off, there’s definitely something to food and sex.
I’m not the kind of person who chucks food around the room and gets off, but I do recommend getting some heated dark chocolate, nutella or squirty cream and applying it to your partner’s sweet spots.
Picture of candles and bliss
Candles = Bliss
Picture this, a calm room with a quiet sexual album playing in the background, candle light flickering, while you get a deep, sexual massage from your partner, that you both know is going to end in great sex.
There’s something both relaxing and exciting about a candle lit room with sexy music and that’s why you should try having as much sex with candle light as possible.
Plus, in my experience women love nice candles, so as a man you can never go wrong with getting a Yankee candle as a surprise… 😉
You can also get edible candles (America – Europe) which are perfect for people who get turned on/enjoy stimulation from heat.
It’s Time For A Make Out Session
When was the last time you and your partner sat in a room and just snogged each-others faces off? Seriously? Because I feel like make out sessions stop after the first 6 months to a year of a relationship and that just isn’t good enough.
The lips are filled with tons of nerve endings, making kissing one of the best foreplay techniques, it’s a time to think about what’s to come sexual and is also a very intimate..
So, tonight sit your partner down and just make out for five to ten minutes. Don’t make sex the end goal, just try different kissing techniques, work on your kissing skills and try something new.
You’ll remember how much fun making out can be.
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How I hated up my love life
I’m out!!! These are just the ways that I’ve personally spiced my sex life up and if you give them a try they’ll do the same for you. Have an awesome day, Oli.

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