How To Stay Motivated To Date

So, you get out of a relationship raring to meet people and then after a month of no luck you slowly lose motivation and get yourself into a slump. I’m going to show you how I got motivation to date and meet new people I actually want to spend time with.
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Motivation Is Nothing Without Action
Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years and it’s now over or you’re in a dry spell and love is no where in sight, it can be hard to stay motivated to get out there and meet someone.
Now in this article you will learn how to motivate yourself, but unless you start acting the motivation will be worthless. So, remember the more action you take, the easier the motivation will become.
Watch Motivation
When I’m trying to get myself out of a motivational slump the first thing I do is turn to YouTube and watch some motivational videos.
Sound dumb? Seriously these videos have helped me achieve wonderful things both in and out of relationships.
Who Do I Watch?
Les Brown
Tyler From RSD (Self improvement/relationship motivation – Highly recommended)
Julien From RSD
Tony Robbins
Eric Thomas
I also watch a lot of compilation videos with a mix of different speeches and speakers.
But Oli, how’s this going to help me get the motivation to date?
By watching these speakers you’ll gain motivation for everything in life, they helped me become more confident and fear life a lot less.
Plus when you find that perfect motivational video that relates to you and gives you goosebumps and makes you feel like you can achieve anything, that feeling is golden and really will help you want to get out there and meet someone.
Stay motivated by looking at the top 100 hottest women/men
Look At The Top 100 Hottest Women/Men
After getting motivation from some YouTube videos I decided to look at the top 100 hottest women. It’s definitely motivation to look at the hottest women in the world, especially when you realize there are loads more women/men just like them and if you get yourself out there you up the chances of meeting one of them.
I also find that who we have a crush on at any given time, shapes what kind of person we look for a relationship with. So it definitely helps to have an idea of what type of person you fancy at any given time.
Cut Out Porn And Masturbation (It’s Gonna Be Hard)
If I had it my way I’d still masturbate 5 times a day, but it’s just not stable for a healthy lifestyle. Because if I did just sit inside masturbating and watching porn I’d have no need to go out and get the real thing.
All masturbation does is cover the urge to have sex and after a while it stops being effective and turns into a release instead of pleasure.
So, if you want to get a partner you need to lower the amount of time you masturbate and also stop watching porn. Once you do that you’ll be more inclined to go outside and actually meet someone.
Check out real social dynamics
Check RSD Out
RSD (Real Social Dynamics) are a company that helps people get laid and master the art of pick-up. They’ve picked up a lot of hate over the years, but they’ve honestly changed my life in so many positive ways.
First off learning to pick up women sounds creepy? Well not learning to pick up women is 10 times creepier in my opinion.
So, whether you’re a man or women you could learn a lot from watching some of Tyler’s videos. You’ll get motivated to date, learn a lot about yourself and more importantly gain confidence.
Improve Your Diet (You’ll Be Surprised What Will Happen Next)
Poisoning your body with fast food helps no-one, it de motivates you and will make you feel like crap. When was the last time you heat a fast food burger and felt good about yourself after?
Well, imagine feeling great every time you eat something? Imagine it made you lose weight, feel good and become more confident. With healthy eating that’s exactly what you get. It also helps you stay focused and will increase your motivation to achieve.
Text: Say no to rejection
F**k Rejection
Rejection sucks, like seriously sucks. But once you say “f**k rejection” that’s when you truly get motivated and can meet the person of your dreams.
whether it’s in your dating life, work life or social life, you need to be happy to get turned down a few times.
Example: You never hear of a millionaire who said “The first time I got rejected I gave up and never tried again.
So, if you want to succeed in a relationship or at work, try getting used to rejection and not running from it. Once you do that you’ll realize how easy it is to meet amazing person, because everyone hot or ugly is scared of rejection, so by standing up to it you increase your chances 1000% with the people you actually want to date.
Get A Wingman/Girl
You need to understand how much fun dating can actually be and one of the quickest ways I did that was by adding a friend into the mix.
Get a wingman/girl and start going out together a few times a week, go out to have as much fun as possible and if you meet somebody on your journey then that’s just a plus.
Just like a lion enjoys hunting, just as much as he enjoys killing. You need to enjoy the process of dating, just as much as you enjoy sex, the relationships and cuddling.
Text “People In A Relationship”
Hang Around People In A Relationship
It takes around 3 days of being around a loving couple while single to literally start hating the world.
That being said it’s great motivation for you to go out and get what they’ve got. Plus they’ll always try to set you up with people (Awkward as f**k) which doesn’t hurt.
Block Out Lazy Material
I used to be a slave to shows like Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Entourage, etc. And the problem is with shows like this is that you only see the fun side of life… IE: You don’t see them go to work for 9 hours a day, or actually spend thousands of hours studying a subject in order to get where they are.
Don’t get me wrong these shows are great and you should still watch them, but just be careful not to fill your brain with too much junk, because after a while you’ll be living your life through the eyes of a TV camera and that’s not going to get you anywhere.
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Start Learning How To Be Better In Bed
The year I started learning how not to suck in bed was the year I really wanted to start having sex. So whether you’re 18 or 38 start learning a few new tricks in the bedroom.
It’ll give you extra confidence and make you even more eager to sleep with someone.
Check out my 8 step foreplay method or follow my article on how I got better in bed. Both will help you get motivated to get back into the dating world.

Free Up 30 Minutes Everyday For Motivation/Dating
Everyday come rain or shine you need to spend 30 minutes on yourself. This could be as simple as watching motivation, looking at sex tips, watching RSD, Going outside. Anything. You’ve just got to spend 30 minutes improving yourself everyday. Start this today and you’ll never look back.
Pay For A Call Girl (Terrible Advice)
This is seriously s**t advice that I wouldn’t take… But, still an option.
Sometimes people get so inside their own head that it becomes extremely hard from them too date. IE: A guy who hasn’t had sex in two years is going to be way too focused on having sex to be able to pull off a good date with a women.
So, if you live somewhere you can pay for sex without getting arrested it is an option. Not necessarily the best option, but not the worse one either.
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It doesn’t take much to lose motivation, but as long as you keep acting you’ll keep seeing results, which will keep you motivated and ready for more. If you need any help or advice then please just use the comments. I hope you have a great day. Oli.

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