How To Talk To Strangers – The Introverted Guide

My name’s Oli and I suggest you grab a mug of coffee or a flaming sambuca and get ready to be f**king amazed and start bringing your party.
Bringing the party everywhere you go is not a skill you’re born with, but a skill you can develop. Once achieved this skill it can be used for attracting and having sex with hot, fun and amazing people, becoming the center of attention, or even just maximizing the fun you and your friends have together.
This guide will take you from being idle in a group of people to fully f**king amazing in a matter of minutes, so prepare yourself and your mind for this EPICALLY massive explosion of pure greatness.

First rule: You need to wear a crazy item of clothing, something that makes people stare, point and go “what the f**k is that…”
By dressing up as caveman you instantly draw attention to the amount of f**ks you give (zero). This makes it easy for people to approach you (Perfect conversation starter), while also making you look way more fun than anyone who’s not dressed as a caveman. Joke’s on them right?
Club Tip: Good quality clubs will not allow you inside if you roll up in full warrior outfit 🙁 . So, when you’re not at house parties, bring one crazy accessory, that can fit in your pocket.
It could be a hat (like mystery) or a martial arts belt (to put round your head like Jeffy), even a crazy bandana. Anything that makes you feel like a king/queen among peasants.
dress crazy
Every f**ker wants to believe that anything can happen when they go out. So, become the person who makes that possible and creates the “anything can happen” vibe. People will instantly remember you.
Creating “Anything can happen” magic is all about provoking spontaneous decisions, actions and choices that lead to new experiences.
You do this by being RANDOM, changing clubs, venues, people and events in a heartbeat. Always trying to maximize the fun for yourself and people around you.
Tip: Always be on the look out for new experiences you can try with your friends and aim to expose everyone you like to something they’ve never tried.
Disappointment prevention: Don’t ever try to replicate a previously “good night” by following the same patterns. Your expectations will be too high and never amount to the fantasy you built inside your head, thus leading to you not bringing the party.
Be Random
People love having fun and the easiest way you can make someone have fun, is to have fun yourself. So lower your own standards of what you think’s funny and never be the person who’s to cool too laugh. They’re douchebags.
Instead be the person who is running around the venue having as much fun as possible, laughing, interacting, joking and improving the vibe.
And when there’s nothing fun happening, it’s your time to create the fun for others to enjoy and interact with.
How to be fun: First lower your standards of what’s funny, you can do this by watching loads of comedy, seeing things for what they really are and then allowing yourself to let go and laugh at stupid things.
Next do one of Jeffy’s exercises where you have a completely fake conversation with one of your friends.
Me ~ Today I met that famous kid from the walking dead…
Friend ~ No way, I met him last week… Did you know he’s friends with Charlie Sheen?
Me ~ F******K NO WAY….
It’s unbelievable how fun creating a conversation that’s based completely on utter bull s**t can be.
And for others something as simple as just heading to the dance floor and going crazy for a few minutes, laughing, have fun and busting some moves is enough to get them self amused, giggling and creating enjoyment for others.
How To Bring The Party
You may be thinking “How the f**k do I bring the party wearing a bright pink bandanna?”
Answer: You grow to become awesome enough to where the bandanna is just to draw attention to your awesomeness. #SeriousShit
However in order for you to consistently own social situations (And get out of your own head) you’ve got to have high levels of confidence. But fear not, there’s simply ways to build super confidence, without having to be reborn as a cat. #NineLives
Meditation (5 minutes everyday)
Bioenergetic Therapy (release the inner warrior)
Go out every single day for 30 minutes
Talk to 3 new strangers everyday (Best confidence builder)
Go to the gym daily
Watch this awesome video
Do confidence affirmations (Video guide)
The things listed above will help your game, but are not necessary, so don’t make excuses like “I’m going to do this once I’ve got a perfect six-pack”, that’s just an excuse not to start today and you’re better than that.
How To Bring The Party
Encourage the moments that bread craziness. You aren’t trying to make a fool of yourself, just trying to have the best possible time, creating the best possible memories for you and everyone around you.
So if that means running into the sea naked at 1 in the morning jumping up and down like a mad man, do as Shia LaBeouf recommends and just:
How To Bring The Party
Don’t fear being loud, having fun, playing jokes and not caring, when it’s coming from a place of self amusement, confidence and abundance people automatically become less threatened and let you get away with so much more.
Plus you will never reach your full potential fearing others. It’s okay to step on a few toes while being awesome as long as it’s not negative or generally trying to create a negative reaction from someone.
Tip: Don’t go out thinking that someone will start a fight with you. Even if that does happen, there’s always ways to deflect the problem and calm the situation down. This video from Max and Owen from RSD really helped me.
How To Bring The Party
Find people who are awesome and own it (all-day-ery-day), and then just consume their content by literally submersing yourself for weeks at a time with their videos, books, interviews and articles.
Some of the greats:
Russell Brand (Next level game isn’t the word)
Russell Simmons

These guys all own it in their own right, something you can’t dispute, but don’t mimic every single thing they do, just learn how they pull it off, pick up little tips and tricks and slowly make it your own.
Edit: I originally added Charily Sheen to the list, but that guy just goes too f**ing hard.

One thing most people have in common is lust to travel the world… But truthfully how many people actually do?
Be the one who breaks the mold and does what everyone else talks about doing. You will become the center of attention and be able to hold conversations about subjects people actually care about.
Number one trick: Never seek approval, there’s only one of you, and there’s millions of them.
You never want to be thinking “How would a cool guy look right now” or “How would a bad ass talk to this girl/boy”. That’s the mindset of someone that’s seeking approval and it comes across as neediness, which is extremely unattractive and is much like hot people who seek compliments by saying “I’m so ugly”.
Your main goal is making your own night better. It sounds selfish but it’s this mind-state that will keep people hooked and wanting more.
Why are they hooked? if you’re having an awesome time people acknowledge you and because emotions are contagious, people instantly want to be apart of what you’re doing. So, as long as you’re entertained you will keep pushing out the emotions others crave. Keeping all their attention on you and only you.
Example Of A Try Hard: One guy’s telling sick jokes (he’s fully congruent and confident in what he’s saying) and everyone’s laughing uncontrollably, you then think of something equally vulgar and decide to say it out loud (coming from a try hard mindset), you bring the place to creepy silence instantly.
In order to “Bring the party” you’ve got to be happy to go that little bit further than the people next to you without making it to obvious.
How To Bring The Party
Knowing crazy drink/party games instantly allows you to bring the F**king party wherever you go.
If you’re with a small group of friends at a house party then crazy games are always a winner. They build interaction, put you in control and allow you to connect with the whole room.
Here’s a list of fantastically awesome party games:
Fuzzy Duck (Word Game)
Fingers (Awesome drinking game)
Flip Cup aka Flippy Cup (Cup game)

Whether you want to woo your partner, meet a partner or just be a kick-ass person everyone enjoys spending time with, bringing the party is a key skill you need.
Advice For Non Motivated People: When I first talk to people about this idea of “bringing the party” they usually reply with “That’s too much work”. Truth be told, once you actively start bringing the party it’s basically just allowing yourself to have an absolutely awesome time in public… Yes it does take a little time to allow yourself to let go, but once you do it’s like every night club/party/event is your very own theme park.
Safety advice: Learn to bring the party without alcohol. You should never rely on state enhancers as they are inconsistent and stunt your future party bringing abilities. Have a drink, just don’t rely on it for your party giving powers because, you will end up the butt of the joke not the teller.

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