I’m Going On Holiday!

I’ve finally booked a little time away from these 14 hour work days and have managed to get a few weeks away in Wales/Bristol!! Woo. I’m actually going to miss working on this awesome project for a few weeks. But not to worry I’ve queued an article and video for everyday till I’m back!! :O So, what am I getting up too?
I’m Going On Holiday
Family :O
I’ve got a little family (6 of us) but we all live so bloody far from each other, so this holiday is a way for us to connect and see each other. Wooo… This is a worrying factor, because the last time just 5 of us went on holiday, we had the biggest fight of all time and guess what it was over? Any ideas? Sweet and sour sauce that I nicked the forgetting it wasn’t to share ;).
As you can imagine tensions are high. Let’s also just say that I’ve brought an abundance of sweet and sour sauce with me this time 😉 Haha.
Tattoos (WTF Sheep??)
My partner had a great idea to say a joke about getting a sheep tattoo and now everyone’s going along with it…
So, let’s get this straight, we’re going to go into a Welsh tattoo shop and ask them for a sheep tattoo with 2015 under it? Do you see anything wrong with this? Lets wait and see how this turns out. Updates to come in picture format).
PS: No hate on sheep or the Welsh, I do not believe the rumors (Baaaaaa)
I’m Going On Holiday
It also looks as though we’re going canoeing and gorge walking. I’m actually excited about this because my family is extremely bad at out-door activities. Like we trip up on air, so it adds to the intensity… Who’s going to get hurt? Updates to come!!!
Another thing that I’m not really amused about was the fact I booked my flight late, I saved 50 pounds (Get in there) but managed to fly to an airport that’s over a few hours away from the hotel… Banter? I do it for the joke value. Shame my partner didn’t see the funny side ;). I go for longevity (I think that’s the right word?), the joke will age and eventually she’ll love and appreciate it ;).
I’m Going On Holiday
Guess My Diets Gone?
I’ve actually been eating clean, healthy food, training five days a week and even meditating everyday… Something tells me that binge eating will take control of my life over the next few weeks. Anyone want to be my moral support when I relapse into the world or fox’s biscuits, chicken burgers, pizza, mac and cheese (with extra cheese) and chips? Anyone??? Pleaseeeee???
Social Media (ESSEXLAD)
I’ll still be tweeting everyday and I’ll answer as many of you on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and emails as possible, so please keep the emails and messages coming.
I’ll also be filming the whole lot, most of the fights, the sport activities, the partying and even the tattoo banter… Will I get a sheep??? Only time will decide. What would be the price of getting a sheep tattoo in Wales? Death? Infection? Mess it up on purpose? Tell me? 😉
To This Summer
What Are You Up To This Summer?
I’d love to hear about your crazy holiday stories and to see what you’re up to this year, so please be amazing and leave a comment telling me :).
I’m really excited for this two weeks and I’m looking forward to videoing the whole lot (Troublemaker D:). Have an awesome day and see you soon. Oli. x
I’m Going On Holiday

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