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A superb way to keep a long-term relationship fresh is to have a date night once every fortnight. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s a great way to relax, get loving, dress up and spend some quality time with your other half.
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Why You Need To Keep Dating
No matter how good a movie is, once you watch it three times, you will start getting a little bored. The same goes for your relationship, if you do the same things every day, week, month and year, eventually you’re going to get bored and start losing a little interest in one another.
By doing something as simple as a dating twice per month you can add variety to your life and break that god awful routine that I believe kills relationships and love.
Themed Date
A way me and my partner spiced up our night dates was by creating a theme from a country. Once per month we pick one country and we then build a night around that theme.
Example if you got France: You could get a nice bottle of wine, some nice pastry for dessert, nice breads and cheese and maybe even watch a french themed film.
With the french theme I’d also add romance as a standard, so loads of candles, no TV while eating and just try having a deep conversation, maybe even add a little french accent into the mix.
Another example would be Thailand: You could do thai food and either order it through takeout or try your hand at cooking it and then maybe try meditation together to suit the theme. Just use your imagination and Google to find ways to add to the themed romantic evenings was to make it more random and different.
Recreate Your First Date
No matter what age you are or how long you’ve been going out you need to recreate your first date. You can either go out and recreate it IE: Go to a similar restaurant, or to the cinema (do whatever you did on your first date), or you can recreate it inside: Like last valentines day I recreated a cinema with popcorn, fairy lights, big seats and darkness, inside my room, it looked pretty badass and we just chilled and watched 3 awesome movies. Things like this go a long way and are also loads of fun. It also doesn’t hurt to add a little roleplay to the mix.
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Take Away Time
Now I try not to do this every week like I used to when I lived in England, but once every month it’s an awesome idea to get your favorite take away (take out) and create a night centered around it.
Start with ordering the food
Then sort the movie/series
Then get some pampering things (peel off face masks, moisturizer, hand cream), Anything to make you relaxed.
Maybe get an alcoholic drink and some dessert for after.
Then just sit back and enjoy a night full of relaxing. This is the easiest night to pull off and can also be the most rewarding.
Do Something Different
Do Something Different
The key to keeping a relationship fresh is to do something different, try to mix up the day you date at least once every month.
Something you can do differently:
Go on a weekend away
Try roleplay (Meet for the first time)
Go for a coffee
Go on a walk (If you both enjoy walking)
Look at weird activities (Beer tasting, pub challenges)
Get a weird hobby like: Yoga, meditation, painting, etc.
Look in your area for the different things you can try and just start giving them a try.
Play The Date Game
We’ve all seen the show “come dine with me” right? Well the date game is just like that. You’ve got to pick an activity, a meal and something to try in the bedroom, your partner then rates you at the end of the night.
You alternate every week and constantly try and out rate each other. It’s a very playful way to add new things to every date.

The one rule of all date nights is that you completely disconnect from the internet and turn your phones to silent. There’s no point in putting loads of effort into a romantic evening just to sit answering your emails and texts while watching the movie or eating the dinner.
So, turn of the internet and make a rule of no Facebook or texts (unless an emergency) till the night’s over.

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What do you think? Tell me your date ideas below and what you think about this article. 🙂 If you need any advice feel free to ask. Have a wonderful day. Oli.

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