Sexpo UK Event Report

Last weekend I spent 5 fantastic days in London, three of them were at Sexpo UK an erotic event hosted at the London Olympia. This was my first ever erotic expo and this is how it went down.
The Journey to England and Build Up to Sexpo
Thursday: First I had to hop on a plane over to England from Spain, this is where I made my first blogging error by not filming any of the plane journey #BadBlogger.
I then arrived in London and while looking for food (not uncommon for me) I found “Oliver’s Yard”, pretty bad ass if I do say so myself.
After my veggie sandwich it was then for a ‘drink down the pub’, this is a very common thing for Brits, you don’t even have to be meeting friends, you can literally go to the pub alone for a drink. We all live a sad life. Anyway, I spent my thursday night ‘down the pub’ awaiting friday…

Friday: I awoke early and decided to go and spend the day in London checking out the shops… I didn’t buy much but the shops were seriously sexy and got me in the mood for christmas!
Next me and my dad met up for an amazing lunch… He had snails for starter, which made me feel a little sick. He then tried several times to get me to try one, why is it everyone who eats snails tries to get everyone else to give it a go? er, no thanks.
Needless to say, I passed on the ‘Escargots’ and instead had the most amazing tomato, aubergine and cheese creation that’s making me hungry just thinking about its cheesy happiness.
At 3pm the moment was finally here and, it was now time to head to Sexpo where I got on 5 different trains and ended up getting a little lost… Somehow still made it with plenty of time to spare and due to that I now call myself the expert traveller who can’t be tamed.

What Happened at Sexpo UK
After entering the event I took a look round, got introduced to everyone and went exploring.
Sexpo Main Stage:
So the main stage consisted of acts like The Dreamboys, Pyrohex (My favorite), Rayguns Look Real Enough (pure awesome), Aurora Galore, Lolo Brow, Ooh-La Lou and plenty of others.
It was hosted by Desmond O` Connor who did a fantastic job and kept me entertained between acts. All in all I had a brilliant time watching in ore of all the amazingness happening on the main stage.
Before I show all my lovely pics of the main stage I’ve got to give a shout out to Pyrohex, seriously getting on stage is hard enough, but these girls took it to a whole different level with fire spraying, sparks flying and fire whips, whipping, plus their music was intense as f**k!

Sexpo Shopping and Stands
I ended up getting on a plane with at least 80% of my suitcase being made up of sex related products, somehow this felt like quite an achievement. Imagine making your way through security with a whip and a variety of silicone based dildos protruding through hidden pockets of your case now times that but 10, yeah I was that guy.
Here’s some of the awesome stands that I got to spend time with at Sexpo:
Meeting Lelo at Sexpo
The first stand I checked out was Lelo and this is where I finally met the lovely Lisa and the amazing lelo team!
I was in for a treat and also got to check out the new TIANI™ 24k which after trying I can comment and say this is a toy that will stop you and your partner leaving the bedroom for more than a few days 😉 And if you can’t wait for my Review that’s coming out soon, check out the TIANI™ 24k video and order yourself one now!
I also managed to pop out a cheeky Lelo selfie that you’ll see below 😉

Other Amazing Stands
I said hello to the awesome people at Mystery Vibe and got to see their next level sex toy. It’s pretty crazy and uses unbelieveable technology to create custom shapes and vibrations to suit each person that uses it. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and you should be sure to check out their video for a better description of this exciting product.

I then got a chance to meet the wonderful people of Kink Craft, a do it yourself styled sex shop that allows you to make your own whips, chains, handcuffs and zippers all in the comfort of your home! I was seriously impressed and let’s just say I made my own whip with the help of Bride, which in my opinion turned out pretty epic! 😉

I Also headed to the Doxy stand to get a few pictures and got told by the lovely model that my long hair looked nice. Wooow, thank you Doxy model! ;D

And lets just say my next shopping experience involved hot candle wax being dripped on my skin by the folks at thebondageman stand and I must add that it’s sparked my new love for sexy wax (It just feels sooo goood!).

Meeting Adam From Godemiche
Ever met someone you instantly want to be bestfriends with? Well that’s how I felt about Adam from g-silicone. Not only was he a down to earth, super friendly guy, he also creates handcrafted silicon dildos that look and feel the part.
I look forward to working with adam and g-silicone in the future and can’t wait to see more of them.
The Almighty Seminars I Took
I must first say a big thank you to Ruby Kiddell, she was in charge of the seminars and was an absolute star, she introduced me to loads of awesome people and made my time at Sexpo UK even more enjoyable, she also runs a top blog so be sure to check her out.
Seminars, where do I start?

So you may know I’m a massive learnaholic, from reading, to watching I literally can’t get enough of a good old bit of advice, so I couldn’t help myself when it came to the seminars at Sexpo and I made sure I attended as many as humanly possible.
I started with Drew Lawson’s “To Cum or Not to Cum” and had a brief chat with Drew after and will hopefully get him on the upcoming podcast to go into more detail on the subject of not ejaculating.
I then went to a spanking workshop with sh! Which was lots of fun. I did however (being far too cocky and far too excited to be at the event) put my hand up as a volunteer and found that my spanking ability was not what I’d thought it to be…
Some find out they’re not good at something alone, or with a boss or friend nearby, not me… I found out my spanking technique is somewhat questionable in-front of an audience of people. Basically it ended up with me becoming the ‘submissive’ due to my on stage partner having enough of my bad whip action and asking for a swap (oops).
Definitely a moment that made me wake up the next morning and cringe thinking “I wonder if my parents are proud”. But I must say it’s still one of my favorite stories from Sexpo and it got made even better by shh! giving me a present.
I also jumped in on their “beginner’s guide to sex toys” both were excellent fun and very informative.

I then met a new friend Craig Rogers “The Ringmaster” (Inside joke) who I’ll hopefully see again in one of my future trips to New York City.
I sat in for both of his shows “How to Perform an EXorcism” and “Reinvention after a Post-40’s Break-up” and learned some great advice.

Finally, one of my favorite classes was Rachael McCoy’s male masturbation masterclass, she’s so full of energy and I totally benefited from her masturbation tips.

Ignore my sweat 😉 I’ve learned that no amount of editing gets rid of a sweat patch ;D Damn!!!
Final Thank You.
I seriously had an amazing time at Sexpo UK, I met such lovely people and got treated so well. So I’d like to end this with a special thank you to Nina, Bridie and the rest of the Sexpo team and anyone else who showed me around, took pictures with me and gave me any advice. See you all next year and I can’t wait for Sexpo 2016!!!

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