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Have you ever imagined yourself being able to say you met one of your favourite porn stars or sex bloggers at a bondage 101 class after learning how to get spanked? and not only that but whilst holding a brand new bag of sex toys and gifts, sounds like a dream right? Well you can make this dream a reality because Sexpo is coming to the tea capital of the world, England. The Sexpo is ready to wow you with its crazy entertainment, insightful workshops and many uh-amazing shopping stands with all the latest in adult accessories, apparel and toys.
Not only that but you can get 20% off your tickets using code: EssexLad. C’mon do you really want to be sat with a tear rolling down your cheek because you were too slow to get a ticket and they ran out?
Let me explain how awesome Sexpo is going to be and if you’re still not convinced then you might just have to accept you will never be as good at pleasure as the rest of us whom are attending…

Sex, Sex and more Sex. Got your attention? Brilliant. Here are the reasons why Sexpo is going to be freaking awesome!

1. Sex toy shopping. A Ton of the biggest sex toy creators are heading to Sexpo, making it the perfect place to buy yourself all the latest goodies. Imagine being able to put a face to the creator of your vibrator?
Also, a lot of people find it awkward buying sex toys in regular shops, I can guarantee at Sexpo everyone will have their arms full of the latest gadgets, no need to be shy here we are all friends.

2. Entertainment at Sexpo! Whether you’re into the Lingerie Angels or The Dreamboys, there’s definitely going to be something for you. From comedy, to Sex in a matter of minutes, Sexpo is sure to have you covered. No one will be standing around with nothing to do, there’s something for everyone!

3. Who knows? you may even change your sex life. With all the amazing workshops and seminars at Sexpo this year you could learn a few brand new tricks that keep you on top of your game. FOREVER.

4. Perfect place to take your partner. With all the entertainment, seminars, workshops and products this won’t just be your usual weekend. You will be able to laugh, scream and maybe even cry together with all that Sexpo has to offer. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is bringing a partner here on your first date, for obvious reasons.

5. It’s spontaneous. How many of your friends do you see doing awesome stuff like this? None, right? By going to Sexpo you’re chucking predictability out of the window and doing something highly noteworthy. Seriously, think of the stories you will have to tell in the office on Monday morning.

6. Guess what? I’m not going to Sexpo. Only joking of course I am! (Woohoo!) why would I miss out on probably one of the best things I’ve even been invited too! I’m also pretty confident that I will be in an ultra social mood. So feel free to come and say hi and chill with me!
It’s time to speed this up with the ULTRA QUICK breakdown video that’ll show you why November the 13th till the 15th needs to be for one thing and one thing only!

sexpo uk
If you’re in a relationship Sexpo gives you a great opportunity to upgrade your sex life. You can have the chance to learn new things about one another with a dating and relationship expert and a ‘pleasure your partner’ seminar. Sexpo will also give you knowledge on how to do things you never even dreamed of! Do you really want to be sat at home whilst everybody is out playing with all the latest sex goodies? no, no you do not.
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Sexpo has an amazing lineup of acts throughout the whole weekend and also gives you the chance to meet your favorite erotic novelists, porn stars and glamour models for autographs. Here is a more in-depth look at what Sexpo will be offering us this year.

Peak at the main stage: You like fire? Well Pyrohex is going to be making the main stage hot with their fiery dance routine, I just know with my hair I’m standing way back. Then you’ve got a little neo-burlesque from Lolo Brow, assured to leave you amazed and wanting to become a performer.
You’ve also got Ooh-La Lou who is extremely talented at creating irresistibly flirtatious dances with the perfect amount of cuteness. Not to forget the other main stage acts that have been announced:
Desmond O` Connor
Felipe Reyes
Rayguns Look Real Enough
Madame Galina Ballet Star Galactica
And the aforementioned Sexpo™ Lingerie Angels

Peak at the seminars and workshops: We all want to be amazing in bed, so why not take the pleasure your partner seminar and learn what it takes to satisfy your partners deepest pleasures from somebody who knows what they’re talking about.
Or if you’re up for it you could always enhance your BDSM skills with the BDSM 101 seminar, which is simply the perfect introduction to BDSM for beginners.
You also have Craig Rogers offering you expert advice on dating and relationships.
And there’s even a Spanking Erotic Class by Sh! that will teach you how to tailor your spanking technique to suit any sexual partner, how awesome does that sound??
Just think how much you will own at life after taking these seminars and workshops, I’m talking next level versions of yourself, in, and out of the bedroom.
Quick look at the exhibitors: There’s literally hundreds of exhibitors ranging from models, authors, high-end sex toy, bondage and lingerie manufacturers and even adult bloggers. So be sure to check them out here.
sexpo uk
All the prices are below and include the EssexLad 20% off promo:
Friday: £21.50
Saturday: £25.80
Sunday: £21.50
Weekend Ticket: £43.00
You can get your tickets from Ticketmaster.
Sexpo is going to be in Olympia, London on the 13th till the 15th of november.
If you’re traveling you can also check-out these hotels recommended by Olympia.

Whether you’re new to blogging, take it as a hobby or a full blown sex veteran, Sexpo will be a great chance for you to network with other bloggers, companies and website owners.
Not to mention it’s a great time to meet like minded people and build relationships. I for one want to meet everyone I can so, if you’re stuck and can’t seem to get anyone’s attention, grab me and we can tag along together until someone pays attention!
Have an awesome day and I hope to see you at Sexpo UK

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