This is How I Stopped Having Boring Sex…

Imagine that one morning you wake up and bam the sex you once used to lust for is breaking away and is instead filled with routine, awkwardness and a sense of dissatisfaction.
Before you know it, you find it hard to remember what the good sex used to be like and you find yourself having what seems to be a never ending dull sex drought where it’s even troublesome to get yourself off.
Why does this happen?
Will it last forever?
How can you fix it?
Should you get a new partner?
These are all questions that may run through your head.
But the truth is mundane sex comes down to five things…
…Lack of sex drive
…Repetitive routine to the point you know the ending before it begins.
…Feeling sexually restricted by your partner.
…Little to no communication
…Lack of orgasm (usually a problem for the women).
And all are easily fixable, as long as you pay attention, care about your sex life and act on the advice you get.
How Sex Drive is Provoking Boring Sex
picture of the reason your sex life sucks
Now depending on the age difference between you and your partner there’s a very good chance your sex drives are out of whack and are not in sync.
And this could be the reason sex sucks.
I mean it’s like hitting the gym when you have no motivation, energy or drive.
Now a male sex drive reaches it’s peak at around 18 years old, but continues till around 25 before it starts decreasing. As a woman’s starts peaking at 28 and reaches its prime at age 32 (on average).
This is one of the reasons relationships often don’t reach their sexual prime. And usually the reason your partner has a higher sex drive than you or vice versa.
How to fix this???
There’s plenty of foods, supplements, mind and body techniques you can do in order to boost your sex drive.
And as we speak I’m actually in a 14 day sexual boosting challenge for EssexLad, where I’m trying all the best sexual boosting advice in order to see what really works.
Click here to check my sexual boosting challenge… (coming soon)
Taster advice from the challenge so far:
Drink loads of water
Eat healthier foods that increase blood flow (ginger, fruit, maca, spinach, kale)
30 minutes of cardio everyday
Stop porn
Try Maca
Not only does boosting sex drive help sex become more intense but it also gives you a great foundation to work with during fixing bad sex.
Sometimes this simple step can be the end of tedious sexy time for some couples. But usually it’s…
Hello Repetitive Routine. Bye, Bye Orgasms
picture of me explaining dull sex
Repetitive routine even made me hate jacking off at one point in my life, so let’s just say I have strong feelings towards this subject.
But I’m not going to send you on a chase looking for the next sexual high.
Even though that’s what most recommend, it’s not conducive to a healthy relationship.
I mean you can’t keep upping the pleasure every time sex gets boring, because instead of fixing the problem, you’re just burying it under adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin boosts.
And what happens once you reach the maximum?
That’s when you get out of touch with yourself and start doing things you don’t even enjoy because it gives you that little sexual boost you’ve grown to relate with good sex.
Plus it’s tremendously tedious trying to find new sexual highs especially once you get more experience and the naughtiness gets harder to achieve.
So Instead of getting out of touch get in touch with who you are sexually…
– Learn your one true sexual talent and master it.
– Challenge your foreplay skills.
– Explore with sexual pleasure.
– Then study your partner’s deep sexual fantasies along with their body.
– Figure out who you want to be in the bedroom.
Dominant or Submissive
Feminine or Masculine
– Then unleash your animalistic sides and trust your sexual instincts.
And finally…
…Have fun.
Then gear up and get ready for the fun that awaits you.
The Big C
picture of communication done right
Now most people will tell you to sit with your partner, acknowledge the problem and try to work it out.
I say f**k that.
How can you fix a problem caused usually by being bored, by simply acknowledging it in a boring way?
Now I’m not saying that this form of communication is bad, I’m just saying that it’s far quicker to make a new habit than to break an old one.
So instead of talking about what you or your partner does wrong, talk about what you both do right and what other habits you could grow in order to make sex truly orgasmic.
Put it this way, if some little habit destroys your partner’s sex drive, the sex wasn’t that good to start off with.
You see not many people on the brink of a leg shattering orgasm give a s**t about a little annoying habit you have.
Where’s if the sex isn’t that great, something small and irrational can completely ruin it.
So instead of wasting your time trying to change each other’s bad habits, create new orgasmic ones with and for each other.
“Baby I love it when you’re rough and pin me down” = Communication done right.
As a take away, if you or your partner is unsure what you’d like the other to do, take your time. Learn your body better, get more in touch with your sexual side, find your fantasies and with your partner experiment with what turns you on until you find that special thing.
Ending Note
picture of how to stop having boring sex
Look sex isn’t always going to be earth shatteringly orgasmic, you’ll reach sexual highs and have your sexual lows.
That’s just the truth.
Now a new partner may fix this momentarily, but long term fixes involve effort on both parts of the relationship.
Sometiems you will have to be the bigger person and make the first move in quitting rubbish sex. And sometimes your partner will even seem resistful in making a change.
But, if this occurs, don’t stop. Just remember to communicate, get more in-touch with your sexual instincts and soon after your partner will follow.
And if they don’t this could be due to many different reasons and in that case it could be a great idea to see a sexual therapist and get a professional opinion.

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