Rico menudo

Delicious menudo with hominy and chile rojo

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Deliciosos pozole

Delicious pork feet with hominy and pork stew meat

Caldo de res

Beef soup with vegetables

Caldo de pollo

Chicken soup with vegetables

Served with rice, beans, salad and 3 homemade tortillas

Cabrito Tierra Caliente

Young goat cooked with red sauce and Mexican spices

Beef or chicken fajita

Wuilotas al gusto

2 Quails with your choice, green sauce, red sauce or fried

Carne asada with cactus

Chicken mole

Costillas plate

El sureño norteño

Quesadillas mexicanas

Bisteck a la mexicana

Bisteck encebollado

Carne asada with onions

Guisado de puerco

Pork stew meat with green or red sauce

Flautas plate

4 rolled fried chicken tacos

Hígado encebollado

12 oz. liver with onions

Pork chop plate

2 pork chops topped with ranchero sauce

Milanesa con papas

Breaded beef with French fries

T-Bone steak ranchero

10 oz. T-Bone steak topped with onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, and jalapeño pepper

Carnitas Tampiqueñas

Pork stew meat with bell pepper, onions and tomatoes

Chile relleno plate

Poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef or cheese

Enchiladas Qaxaqueñas

3 chicken enchiladas topped with ranchero sauce and American cheese

Enchiladas La Mexicana

Enchiladas entomatadas

5 chicken enchiladas topped with tomatoes sauce and queso fresco

Shrimp enchiladas

3 shrimp enchiladas topped with ranchero sauce, American and mozzarella cheese

Enchiladas Guerrero

5 red enchiladas stuffed with queso fresco, onions and (1) piece of chicken or quail

Enchiladas suizas

Chicken enchiladas topped with sour cream and green sauce

Green enchiladas

3 chicken enchiladas topped with green sauce and mozzarella cheese

Enchiladas calientes

3 chicken enchiladas topped with MUCHO CALIENTE sauce and mozzarella cheese

Enchiladas de mole

3 chicken enchiladas topped with mole Poblano

Beef enchiladas

3 beef or cheese enchiladas topped with chile con carne and American cheese

Arriba el norte

2 beef or cheese enchiladas, 1 chalupa compuesta, 1 crispy taco, rice and beans

Crispy taco plate

3 ground beef crispy tacos with rice and beans

Quesadilla norteña

Quesadilla grande (10 inch) with beans, pico de gallo, beef and chicken fajita topped with mozzarella cheese and American cheese

Ranchero chido

2 beef enchiladas, 1 beef or cheese poblano pepper with rice and beans

Grande nachos

With ground meat, sour cream, jalapeños, and avocado

Gringo plate

2 beef or cheese enchiladas and crispy tacos, rice and beans

Bacon cheeseburger

With French fries, lettuce and jalapeños

Club sandwich

2 sandwich with ham, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and French fries

Regular cheeseburger

With French fries, lettuce and jalapeños

Ham cheeseburger

With French fries, lettuce, tomatoes, and American cheese

Sandra’s plate

Homemade nachos with beans, cheese, avocado, sour cream, and jalapeños

Chalupa compuesta

With lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, onions, tomatoes, and jalapeños

Enchiladas La Mexicana

Taquitos dorados El Mexicano

Ostiones en su concha

Camarones empanizados

8 large fried shrimps

Cocktail de camarón

Small / chico

Mediano / 12 Oz

Grande / 20 Oz

Pescado flameado

Grilled catfish

Pescado empapelado

Fish cooked in foil sheet

Camarones al mojo de ajo

8 large shrimps in garlic

Caldo de camarón

Shrimp soup with vegetables

7 Mares Soup

Includes catfish, shrimp, crab, and seafood mixture

Camarones calientes

8 large calientes shrimps

Cocktail de ostiones

Campechana 12 oz.

Campechana grande 20 oz.

Levanta muertos

Seafood soup mucho hot!

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Caldo de camarón y pescado

Shrimp and catfish soup

Delicia tropical

A great and delicious plate with different seafood

Pescado Bejuqueño

A whole catfish, simply delicious

Combination plate

1 fish fillet, 4 combo fried shrimp, toasted bread, tartar sauce, French fries and ketchup

Ceviche de pescado

Mediano 12 oz.

Grande 20 oz.

Mojarra frita

Caldo Borracho

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Exceptional Seafood Dishes
Shrimp with avocados Seafood 20160125_130408

Shrimp Cocktail

Caldo Borracho

7 Mares Soup